3 nights in phily vol. 1 - 7
20 years of frank zappa

31th october 1981  palladium ny

40th birthday

79 brest zappa pt 3

'88/#59 & 3x?

200 motels


a daring new concept in entertainment

a day at the orpheum

a petulant frenzy

a snail in my nose

a token of his extreme

a token of my extreme

a vegetable by any other name

a very stony evening
absolutely zappa

advanced study: world pop domination

ahead of their time

ahoy Rotterdam – june 24th, 1980

ahoy there!

album network rock tuneup #132

alien orifice

all you need is glove

american pageant

an evening in detroit

an evening with frank zappa & captain beefheart

announcing to all disc jockeys the all new dynamic duo


another cheap aroma

anyway the wind blows


apostrophe on tour

appleton album

april '88 sampler

armando curcio editore


around the world
arrogant mop

as an am

asakusa night

assault on new York

at last cobo hall 5-12-73 soundboard

at loreley

at the circus

at the olympic

at the olympic - 200 motels

auditorium theater, chicago

austin 26 oct 1973

autographe ('82)
ave maria


back on the straight and narrow

bacon fat (cd)

bacon fat (2lp)

ballet music
barking pumpkin goes digital
basic primer z to a
bavarian extravaganza
beauty knows no pain

bebop tango contest live
belgian waffles in plastic

berlin 1978
berlin – deutschlandhalle, 15.2.1978, part 1

berlin – deutschlandhalle, 15.2.1978, part 2

berlin – deutschlandhalle, 15.2.1978

berlin, 07.09.1978

best of ... pappa zappa & any way the wind blows
beyond the fringe of audience comprehension

bienvenue en suisse

big mother is watching you

black napkins
black napkins / envelopes
boek en plaat
bongo fury in el paso

bongo fury in el paso tx

bongo fury in el paso in 1975

boot the beats

boston music hall (10-24-76)
boston tea party



broadway the hard way 1lp

broadway the hard way 3lp

broadway the hard way in europe

broadway the hard way in usa

bubble cream cheese


buscu festival, budapest, ungarn

canada '73

canada 1973

caress me

chad´s birthday party

chalk pie

charlie's favourite

cheap shot

child's play

child's play / re-issue

christmas in new york in `76

chunga´s on tour

civilization phaze III (prerelease)

clean american version

clean cuts from sheik yerbouti

clean cuts from tinseltown rebellion

clean cuts from you are what you is

clownz on velvet (toxic shock pt III)
cocksucker’s ball

come on punky! get funky

complete halloween 1981

conceptual continuity

concerthouse 1967 - royal festival hall 1968
contempo ‘70

copenhagen '68
copenhagen + stockholm '67
“corn … is pt. 1”

cosmic evolution

could this be joe's garage acts IV and V live?

crush all boxes – fz008

crush all boxes – zip018

crush all boxes fz – picture disc


cucamonga era

cucamonga years - the early works of frank zappa 1962-1964
cucamonga years – the early works of frank zappa (1962-1964)

cuccurullo brillo brullo

cupid's delight


dance contest

days of yore

dead girl of... glasgow

dead girls of london - live in new york
dead girls of munich, part one
delicious watermelon for easter


disconnected synapses

ditties & beer

do the hip shake

does humor belong in music?

don´t you want a man like me?(speed corrected version)

donna you wanna

dortmund '84

dropping dildos

drowning witch (toxic shock pt I)

dumb all over live (1981)
dump all over
dungeon of despair

dupree's paradise

dutch courage
dweezil has messed my mind up


early works 1963 - 1964
easy meat

ein monster in der musikhalle

el paso

el paso or die

electric aunt jemima

edinboro / elsewhere

endlich mal gute musik im dildile
enema improvisations

erdbeben in münchen

europe, backstage and the mystery side


extensions of the big note


famous x-mas flower hour + ?

festival de valbonne

fillmore east, 1971 unreleased tracks & trance fusion

fillmore west 70

find her finer


first tango in paris

fits your 34b no matter which 34b you are

for collectors only

for sharleena

framingham '69
frank in frankfurt
frank zappa & hot rats at the olympic / 200 motels live with zubin mehta & the la philharmonic
frank zappa & the mothers
frank zappa & the mothers of invention

frank zappa & the mothers of invention live
frank zappa 2 - live in paris 1970
frank zappa brings yellow snow to rochester & buffalo

frank zappa gets his shit together europe 1979
frank zappa sings stinkfoot, shows finger
frank zappa picture disc
frank zappa pink floyd captain beefheart

frank zappa vs. the tooth fairy

frank zappa with friends

frank zappa's best band

frank's day off
frank's place

frank´s wildest years

frankie boy
frankie goes to düsseldorf

frankie goes to paris – continued

frankie goes to rotterdam

frankie meets bobby

frankie's greatest hits - live `88

frankie's last farewell

freak out! - the alternate aborted version (1966)

freak records
freaks & motherfuckers

fred zappelin

from the vaults to the biggest halls vol. 1

ft. collins 02.12.80

fz 25 – zappaween


fz goes to college


gas mask

genius at work

genova farewell, 1988
gets his shit together europe 1979

go ape!
good evening vienna

good grief!
grand wazoo

grand wazoo comic book extravaganza
grand wazoo orchestra
great googly moogly
guitar hernia
guitar player

half a dozen provocative squats


halloween in the big apple

halloween new york 1978 show no. 4

happy halloween

happy together in fillmore west

have a little tush

heavenly bank account

here comes santa cruz

high torr dance concert

his storyvol. 1 – 4

“… hole” is pt. 2

honey, don´t you want a man like me?

hot and foxie

hot rats at the olympic

hotel dixie

how much rot can you handle?

i wanna have a little tush

i was a teenage maltshop

if you get a headache

illinois enema vol. 1 + 2

imaginary diseases

in basel & elsewhere

in europe

in memory

in new york 1977

in new york 81

in new york & san francisco

in poughkeepsie


indiscreet picture show

instructional wanking


interview – limited edition picture disc

interview vol. 2


irres oder genie

is anybody happy?

is it part two of roxy & elsewhere?

it conquered the world

it's been a long time comin'

it's more than a burp

joe´s demoge

joe´s garage

john & yoko meets frank zappa / the mothers of invention: some time in fillmore east

jones crusher

jungle folksongs with zappa & kong

just another live album

kalvoja, sandvika, norway, august 26, 1973

kc blues

keepin´ it greasy

kill ugly radio

kill ugly radio some more

kill ugly radio, return of the son of

king biscuit flower hour

king biscuit plus

king kong boogie

king kong ripped my flesh

kiss my broccoli

kiss my volcano

knebworth `78

knebworth, england


kong kings

kreega bondola

lactic decay


landscape forever changed




left of the dial

let's drink some beer and hear frank zappa

lisa's dangerous kitchen

listen and find out the secret word

little house I used to live in (1 CD)

little house I used to live in (3-CD Set)


live ... san francisco

live am rhein

live at lawrence university chapel, appleton, may 23, 1969

live at olympen, lund, october 2, 1967

live at the fox theatre

live at the leroy theater

live at the palladium new york halloween 1977 (lp/cd)

live from the radio 1968

live in amsterdam 1971

live in barcelona 1988

live in brest, france 3/1979 part 3

live in edinboro 1974

live in europa

live in framingham

live in holland 1971

live in holland & elsewhere

live in hollywood

live in melbourne

live in munich germany 1980

live in new york

live in new york 31.12.1981

live in schüttorf

live in stockholm

live in sweden 1967

live on air – the early years (4cd)

live over 20 years old

live usa

look out plastic people

los botas graciosas marchan sombre polinia

love at first sight

lumpy gravy & elsewhere

lumpy gravy semi unreleased original all-orchestral version

magic fingers

martian love secrets

marvellous stunner

metal man has hornet's wings

miami matinée vol. I+ II

moe's vacation


money demos

mono & acetates

more bacon for breakfast

mother universe


mothers' day

mothers' finest

mothers including beef

mothers mayday

mothers of invention

moustache over Madison

mr. gene´s green


mudshark live

muffin man goes to college

muffin research from the utility kitchen

muffin research kitchen

munich 1980

musical chairs

musical underground oratorios

my guitarmy mother carries her gun with pride

mystery box

mystery disc from the old masters box 1

mystery disk from the old masters box 2

nasty rats

nasty rats live...

necessity is

nice concert nice people


night of the iron sausage


no bacon for breakfast

no commercial potential

nobody sounds like i do

norwegian rhapsody

not just another zappa record

nothing succees like success

nullis petrii

oldies but goldies / live - over 20 years old

ole, marqueson

olympia `68 – live in paris

ontario slime


orchestral madness - son of serious music

our man in italy

our man in nirvana

outrageous muzik

pa´s nose fell off at breakfast. it fell right into ma´s coffee and displaced it

pachuco hop

palladium, new york, 31 october 1981

palladium boulevard & elsewhere

paralipomeni della batracomiomachia

parco redecesio, milan, july 6, 1982

payback cologne

peepers part 1

peepers part 2 & 3

perhaps the most outrageous bunch so far



pigs and repugnance

pigs 'n' repugnant

pink elephants never cry but they sure screw like hell

pink floyd on stage with zappa

piquantique – stockholm 1973

piquantique - sydney 1973

poot face boogie

porn war jam



previously unreleased(40th birthday)

project / object

provocative squats

punky´s whips shown on stage

puttin´ on the ritz

pygmy pony

rabbits in bondage



rare beefheart / vintage zappa

rare gems from the vaults

rare meat - early works of frank zappa

realistic dream

recorded live in Rotterdam

redunzl / inca roads

remington electric razor

resolver + brutality

return of the son of serious music

ride my face to Chicago



roxy & elsewhere

rubber slices

rustic protrusion

saarbrücken 1978

safe muffinz

saint mothers in saint paul

same old 6ts psychodogshit

santa monica´s night owl

santa monica´s teenage prostitute

scandinavian fall `74

scherade pt. 1

scherade pt. 2


serious music

sheik on stage

ship arriving too late for stevie's spanking in berlin

show & tell

shut up 'n play yer guitar acetates 1981

smoke on the water

snake hips

snake hips etcetera

solid gold

solo on guitar

some evil mothers

some time in fillmore east

son of orange county

son of pigs & repugnant

son of serious music

songs einstein jr. never heard

sono di passaggio

soundboard recordings in `88

soup & old clothes

specialized digital audio gratification

spick & span

sporthalle linz `88

spring fever

st. patrick's day

stairway to berlin

standing room only - toxic shock part 2

steaming jukebox

stick it in / stick it in stick it out act I

stick it out / stick it in stick it out act II

stinkfoot in berlin

stockholm & london

stockholm 1967 – montreux 1971

story of michael kenyon

strange habits

stream flash conservative

strictly commercial - advance cd

strictly commercial - the best of frank zappa specially banded for radio

strictly genteel - a “classical” introduction to fz advance cd


struck of all heap

studio tan / sleep dirt

super mix

sweet georgia

swiss cheese

swiss cheese / fire

swiss cheese and debutant daisy

swiss cheese at the festhalle basel in 1974

take your clothes off / peaches en regalia / rdnzl

tears began to fall

teenage wind

televisioni privati

tengo na minchia tanta

texas motel

the **** of the mothers

the ark

the basic primer: z – a

the best band on broadwaythe hard way us tour

the best band you never heard in your life ... can do that on stage

the best of...pappa zappa & any way the wind blows

the best slidin' is horse ridin'

the black page

the brain

the broccoli shower

the classic interviews

the conversation disc series: frank zappa

the day the earth stood still

the dream machine

the dutch session

the easy rider generation in concert

the eyes of Osaka

the farewell concerts

the frank zappa collection vol. 5

the godfather in full metal jacket

the godfather meets the untouchables

the grand wazoo orchestra

the greatest flops!!!

the guitar world & more

the history & collected improvisations of frank zappa & the mothers of invention

the interview cd box set

the interview sessions

the interviews vol. 2

the lone ranger

the lost amougies jams

the lost episodes - advance cd

the lost episodes from cucamonga

the lost solos

the man from utopia

the mothers are dead, but zappa´s still very much alive

the mothers down under

the mothers of invention live in framingham '69

the mothers live

the mothers live in appleton wisconsin

the night of the iron sausage

the perpetual hard-on

the petit wazoo

the poodle lecture and other stories

the rondo hatton band

the sheik´s rehearsals

the soundtracks

the string quartet

the talking asshole / metal man has hornet's wings

the teenage rockin' combo concert

the time to sing and dance and love

the toxic shock trilogy

the untouchables

the worst of the mothers


thingfish demos

thing fish pre-release version “out-takes”

thing fish, the real tapes

thing fish / them or us

things wayne newton never told you

time sandwich

tiny is as tiny do

tiny nightmares

`tis the season to be jelly


titties and beer - zoot allures live in paris

to motherbuggers everywhere

trance fusion

transmission impossible



trick or treat

trouble every day

twenty years ago again

twenty years of frank zappa

twinkle tits

two cosmic nights @ san carlos

two faces of zappa

ultra modern stringbean

uncle frankie in the sky

uncle frankie's prime pork cuts

uncle penguin

uncle penguins brain

underground record (bolzano part 1 + 2)

united mothers in manchester of invention

unmitigated audacitity


vancouver workout

vienna is calling

violant rape ... is one of my favourites!

violant rapture

vitamin deficiency

viva zappa


voodoo margarine underpants


wanna buy some acid?

warts and all

wasp man has hornet's wings / wasp man has metal wings

water turning black


wax flags

we are the mothers ... and this is what we sound like

we are what we watch

we don´t fuck around

we don't swap around

welcome to the mudd club

we´re an american band (not just another band from la)

we´re only in it for the mothers

wet t-shirt nite

what´s new in berlin?

what’s new in loreley?

what´s why?

where the huskies go

where the shark bubbles blow

whole lotta franks

why does it hurt when I pee?

wind up shitting in a gas station

wino man

world pop domination

wowie zowie


x-mas flower hour


you are phoenix what you is

you can't do that on the radio anymore - fz 25

you can´t do that on stage anymore gold

you can´t do that on stage anymore silver

you can´t do that on stage anymore – vol. 11

you can´t do that on stage anymore – vol. 12

you should have listened to your mothers!



zappa `84

zappa en la radio

zappa in new york

zappa in new york '81

zappa - zoot alors!

zappalogically correct



zapped again

zappy halloween

zoott allurely

zurkon music

zut alors