Infos zu Early Show in den Vinyl Raritäten

early works 1963 - 1964
cucamonga 1963 - 1964
how's your bird?, the world's greatest sinner, dear jeepers, letter from jeepers, every time I see you, cradle rock

easy meat
06.03.1979, göteborg, scandinavium
the deathless horsie, intro's, dead girls of london, i ain't got no heart, brown shoes don't make it, cosmik debris, easy meat - anfang, easy meat - ende, jumby go away, the meek shall inherit nothing, for the young sophisticate, wet t-shirt night, why does it hurt when i pee?

ein monster in der musikhalle
11.09.1974, wien, wighalle
tush tush tush (a token of my extreme), a jam type thing / the hook / the-boogerman-type jamming / ach du lieber augustin / louie louie, dupree's paradise, i'm the slime, pygmy twylyte, room service

el paso
23.05.1975, el paso, county coliseum
lp #1: presentation, bongo fury initial, apostrophe, band introduction, stinkfoot, i’m not satisfied, carolina hard - core ecstasy, velvet sunrise, a pound for a brown on the bus - the medley, frank introduces el paso son jimmy carl black, you’re so fine, lonely lonely nights

lp #2: debra kadabra, montana, strange things (incl. boogie improvisation), advance romance, florentine pogen

el paso or die
27.05.1975, el paso + 04.02.1976 kyoto
cd #1: introduction, improvisations, apostrophe, stinkfoot, i'm not satisfied, carolina hardcore ecstasy, velvet sunrise, pound for a brown, you're so fine / lonely lonely nights, debra kadabra, montana / improvisations

cd #2: advance romance, florentine pogen, introduction, stinkfoot, dirty love, filthy habits, how could i be such a fool?, ain't got no heart, i'm not satisfied, black napkins

electric aunt jemima

03.05.1968, denver + 28.09.1968 essen + 20.10.1968 amsterdam
tracklist as on the cover: electric aunt jemima variations & soft sell conclusion, jazz is not dead, it just smells funny, dog breath, king kong, caress me, a pound for a brown on the bus, the witch song, incl. plastic people

the more correct tracklist: medley: little house i used to live in / dog breath variations / little house i used to live in / an der schönen blauen donau / hungry freaks, daddy, whät, dog breath instrumental, king kong, trouble every day instrumental and variations: a pound for a brown on the bus / sleeping in a jar, medley: english tea-dance interludes / plastic people / king kong / america drinks / wipe-out

edinboro / elsewhere

08.05.1974, edinboro, edinboro state college
cd #1: intros, cosmic debris, in between, pygmy twilite, the idiot bastard son, cheepnis, in between, inca roads, montana, dukie schtick, improvised lounge misic, dupree´s paradise (fade out)

cd #2: dupree´s paradise (complete) anniversary medley, it can´t happen here, hungry freaks daddy, you´re probably wondering why i´m here, how could i be such a fool / zowie, let´s make the water turn black, harry you´re a beast / oh no, son of orange county, more trouble every day, camarillo brillo, cosmic debris & many moore

12.05.1982, berlin + 21.05.1982, köln +
26.06.1982, münchen + 07.07.1982, mailand
bobby brown, sofa, applause, no no cherrie, mary lou, applause, stevie's spanking, applause, whipping post, cocaine decisions, nigger bizniz, strictly genteel, the closer you are, improvisation

endlich mal gute musik im dildile
big swifty, it just might be a oneshot deal, waka/jawaka, the grand wazoo, for calvin and his next two hitchhikers, cletus awreetus-awrightus, eat that question, blessed relief, big swifty

enema improvisations
enema bandit, guitar improvisation, guitar improvisations

erdbeben in münchen

03.07.1980, münchen, olympiahalle
chunga's revenge, mudd club, the meek shall inherit nothing, joe's garage, a pound for a brown on the bus, cosmik debris, keep it greasey, pick me i'm clean, the illinois enema bandit, you didn't try to call me, ain't got no heart, love of my life, city of tiny lites

europe, backstage and the mystery side
13.03.1988, springfield + 27.04.1988, oslo +
19.05.1988, grenoble + 25.05.1988 mannheim
i'm the slime, dupree's paradise, ring of fire, rhymin' man, let's make a sex noise, elvis has just left the building - star wars, your ethos, strictly genteel, magic fingers, call any vegetable, dog breath, wonderful wino, ms. pinky, mom and dad, take your clothes off when you dance, jewish and small

08.07.1969, boston, the ark
big leg emma, some ballet music, status back baby, valarie, my guitar, King Kong (Medley)

extensions of the big note

improvisations (portland, or / december, 9, 1972)

big swifty (austin, tx / october, 26, 1973)

son of mr. green genes (portland, or / december, 9, 1972)