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ultra modern stringbean
29.06.1973, melbourne, festival hall
uncle meat (main theme) / uncle meat variations, dog breath, uncle meat (main theme), montana, fifty-fifty, mudshark, farther oblivion

uncle frankie in the sky
diverse live-aufnahmen der jahre 1968 - 1984
bacon fat, in the sky, dupree´s paradise, t´mershi duween, carol you fool, charva (chana in de bushwop), on women, no cherry pie, dead girls, seriously, what´s new?, dangerous female

uncle frankie's prime pork cuts (picture lp)
diverse live-aufnahmen der jahre 1968 - 1984
bacon fat, oh, in the sky, dupree's paradise, t'mershi duween, carol, you fool, chana in the bushwop, on woman, no no cherry, dead girls of london, shall we take ourselves seriously?, what's new in baltimore?, the dangerous kitchen

uncle penguin
24.06.1973, sydney, hordern pavilion
intro, pygmy twylyte, dupree's paradise, uncle penguin, dog breath, penguin in bondage, nanook rubs it, saint alfonzo's pancake breakfast

uncle penguins brain

15.10.1978, stonybrook, state university of new york
suicide chump, the meek shall inherit nothing, city of tiny lites, a pound for a brown on the bus, improvisation, preamble, pygmy twylyte / dummy up, dupree’s paradise, dog breath variations / uncle meat, penguin in bondage, nanook rubs it, st. alfonzo’s pancake breakfast

underground record (bolzano part 1 + 2) - lp #1
03.07.1982, bolzano, campo communale
lp #1: born to suck, you are what you is, the mudd club, the meek shall inherit nothing, drowning witch, envelopes, dancin' fool, rdnzl

lp #2: the black page #2, inkl. them or us, city of tiny lites, a pound for a brown on the bus, no no cherry, mary lou, strictly genteel, the illinois enema bandit

united mothers in Manchester of invention

12.02.1979, manchester, apollo theater
cd #1: läther opening, persona non grata, band introduction, dead girls of london, i ain't got no heart, brown shoes don't make it, cosmik debris, tryin' to grow a chin, city of tiny lites, dancin' fool, easy meat, jumbo go away, andy, inca roads, florentine pogen, honey, don't you want a man like me?, keep it greasy

cd #2: the meek shall inherit nothing, for the young sophisticate, wet t-shirt nite, why does it hurt when i pee?, peaches en regalia, yellow snow suite, strictly genteel, montany, pound for a brown, mystery rehearsal piece, inkl. deathless horsie / five-five-five, black napkins, jam, yellow snow suite

unmitigated audacitity (cd)

12.05.1974, south bend, convocation center, notre dame university
dupree's paradise, it can't happen here, hungry freaks, daddy, you're probably wondering why i'm here, how could i be such a fool?, i ain't got no heart, i'm not satisfied, wowie zowie, let's make the water turn black, harry, you're a beast, oh no, son of orange county, more trouble every day, louie, louie, camarillo brillo

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