A Rare Interview With Frank Zappa

Ahead Of Their Time


Label: Video Arts Music / VACK 5917-LP / made in Japan


2-LP-Set / limited to 100 copies / 180g clear peach vinyl

Seite 1 - Seite 3 = identisch mit der Original-CD


25.10.1968 (cover says 28 October 1968)

Royal Festival Hall, London, England


Seite 1: Proloque (!), Progress?, Like It Or Not, The Jimmy Carly Black Philosophy Lesson, Holding The Group Back, Holiday In Berlin, The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage, Undaunted The Band Plays On


Seite 2: Agency Man, Epiloque (!), King Kong, Help I´m A Rock, Transylvania Boogie, Pound For A Brown


Seite 3: Sleeping In A Jar, Let´s Make The Water Turn Black, Harry You´re A Beast, The Orange County Lumber Truck (Part 1), Oh No, The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley (Part 2)


Seite 4: Sweet Leilani, You Call That Music?, Are You Upset?, Plastic People, Tiny Sick Tears, Let´s Make The Water Turn Black Medley, Oh No

Apostrophe (´) Sessions


Label: Dragonfly Records, LTD.150


STEREO 33 1/3


Seite 1: Uncle Remus (Zappa/Duke) - Instrumental (3:48)

Seite 2: Psychosomatic Dung (Zappa/Duke) - Unreleased Instrumental (5:03)


Producer: Frank Zappa

Engineer: Kerry McNabb

Arranger: Frank Zappa


1. Spalte abwärts: Gimmix-Cover Variante, danach folgen grün, orange, rot und gelb

Arrivederci Frank


Recorded Live in Rome, Palaeur, June 7, 1988

Second To Last Concert Of "The Easy Way" Tour (Last Ever Frank Zappa Tour)


Dedicated to all hardcore fans who listen carefully to every detail


3-LP-Set, FZ88 A/F


Limited edition of 300 copies on colored vinyl

Extra limited edition of 30 copies on splash multicolored vinyl with bonus t-shirt


Seite 1: Black Page, Packard Goose, More Trouble every Day


Seite 2: Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven,  Dupree´s Paradise, Find Her Finer, Filthy Habits


Seite 3: I Ain´t Got No Heart, Love Of My Life, Zoot Allures, City Of Tiny Lights


Seite 4: A Pound For A Brown, Bamboozled By Love


Seite 5: Stairway To Heaven, Eat That Question, Black Napkins


Seite 6: The Closer You Are, Johnny Darling, No No Cherry, Bolero, Royal March From Aida, Arrivederci Roma, Crew Slut

Assault On New York – Toxic Shock


Label / Matrix: MGP 3001, 3003, 3004, 3005 - A/B, Auflage: 65 St., Farben: MCV

Dies ist eine Neuauflage einer gleichnamigen 3-LP-Box, die teilweise mit einer Bonussingle zu bekommen war. Es wurden die selben Stamper verwendet. Statt einer Bonussingle liegt diesem Remake eine vierte LP bei, die auch einzeln erhältlich ist (war!): “The Missing Ritz Tracks”.

17.11.1981, New York City, The Ritz / * = 31.10.1981, New York City, The Palladium

Band: Frank Zappa, Ray White, Bobby Martin, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Steve Vai special guest - Al Di Meola


LP 1 - DROWNING WITCH - Toxic Shock Part 1
1. Bamboozled by Love
2. Stevie's Spanking
3. Cocaine Decisions
4. Nig Biz
5. Drowning Witch
6. What's New in Baltimore?
7. Moggio

LP 2 - STANDING ROOM ONLY - Toxic Shock Part 2
8. Easy Meat
9. The Mudd Club
10. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
11. Dumb All Over
12. Dumb All Over
Heavenly Bank Account
14. Suicide Chump
15. Jumbo, Go Away

LP 3 - CLOWNZ ON VELVET - Toxic Shock Part 3
16. "While I Tune My Guitar"
17. Zoot Allures
18. Clownz on Velvet
19 Strictly Genteel
20. This is My Story
Whipping Post
22. Watermelon in Easter Hay

LP 4 - THE MISSING RITZ TRACKS - Toxic Shock Part 4
1. Black Napkins*
2. Envelopes
3. Black Page II / Them or Us / Black Page II
Sinister Footwear
5. Black Page II*

Assault On New York - 2012 reissue

Austin 26 Oct 1973


Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX, USA


Tracklist Seite 1:

Tunning (!)
Cosmic Debris
Inca Roads


Tracklist Seite 2:

Pygmy Twylyte
The Idiot Bastard Son
Big Swifty


Tracklist Seite 3:

The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation
Father Oblivion


Tracklist Seite 4:

- Son Of Mr. Green Genes
- King Kong
- Chunga’s Revenge
- The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation Reprise