Igor´s Transylvanian Ballet Music


Label: The Swingin´ Pig Records

special limited edition 500 copies

100 blue / 100 green / 100 red / 100 white / 100 yellow

Appleton/Wisconsin, Lawrence University Chapel, June 23rd 1969

Tracklist Seite 1: Tune-Up, Some Ballet Music, Uncle Meat, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama


Tracklist Seite 2: Eye Of Agamotto, Jelly, Hungry Freaks Daddy, Little House I Used To Live In, Aybe Sea, Transylvanian Boogie

In Europe


Label: hedgehog records

Zappa & Mothers Live at The Ahoy Rotterdam 27/11/1971

Tracklist Seite 1: Peaches En Regalia, Tears Began To Fall, She Painted Up Her Face, Shove It Right In


Tracklist Seite 2: The Mothers of Invention singing Dutch: Divan or (Geef mij wat vloerbedekking onder deze vette zwevende sofa) or (Gimme’ some floorcovering under this fat floating sofa)

In Poughkeepsie


Live at Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY USA 21.9.1978


Label: Zappa Fan Trust / Made in EU / Z.F.T.013-015


3-LP-Set + Poster, Limited edition - here #31 / 100 blue vinyl


(This could be Official Release #230 in year 2030)


Seite 1: The Deathless Horsie, Dancin´ Fool, Easy Meat, Honey Don´t You Like A Man Like Me?


Seite 2: Keep It Greasy, Village Of The Sun, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, City Of Tiny Lights


Seite 3: Pound For A Brown, Prelude To Bobby Brown, Bobby Brown, Conehead, Mo´s Vacation,

Black Page #2


Seite 4: Introduction I´m In You, I Have Been In You, Flakes, Magic Fingers, Don´t Eat The Yellow Snow, Nanook Rubs It


Seite 5: St. Alphonzo´s Pancake Breakfast, Father O´Blivion, Rollo, Little House I Used To Live In (included Drum Solo), Tell Me You Love Me


Seite 6: Yo Mama, Black Napkins, King Kong (Bonus Track)

Incredibly Frank

Interview mit Frank Zappa vom 13.09.1970


Tracklist Seite 1: Interview Pt. 1

Tracklist Seite 2: Interview Pt. 2

Instrumental + Improvisations

09.12.1972 Portland, Paramount Theater, late show (*) +

26.10.1973 Austin, Armadillo World Headquarters (**)

Tracklist Seite 1: Improvisations *


Tracklist Seite 2: Big Swifty **, Son Of Mr. Green Genes **



99 St. Blue Vinyl
80 St. Red Vinyl
50 St. MCV Vinyl
Black Vinyl Test Pressing

Interview Picture Disc


Tracklist Seite 1: Interview #1


Tracklist Seite 2: Interview #2

Israel One Sided Picture Discs


7" Baby Snakes

7" Bobby Brown

7" Cheap Thrills

7" Kung Fu

7" Naval Aviation In Art

Israel One Sided Picture Discs


12" The Lost Episodes

12" Uncle Meat

Israel One Sided Shaped Picture Discs


Absolutely Free

Burnt Weeny Sandwich

Freak Out

200 Motels