Scandinavian Nights Pt. I

Falkoner Theatret, Copenhagen 29.02.1976 (Side A) + 05.03.1979 (Side B)


Faboulous Wizardo Records   /   FWRMB ZX 50-1   /   ST 1000 A/B SST

Auflage: 100 St. MCV / 300 St. blue wax   /   Erscheinungsjahr: 1984

Tracklist Seite 1: Stinkfoot Guitar Solo (not listed), The Poodle Lecture, Dirty Love, Filthy Habits


Tracklist Seite 2: Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow, Nanook Rubs It (not listed), St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast, Father O’ Blivion (Not Listed), A Pound For A Brown On The Bus

Scandinavian Nights Pt. II

Scandinavium, Göteborg 21.01.1977 (Side A) + Falkoner Theatret, Copenhagen 05.03.1979 (Side B)

Faboulous Wizardo Records   /   FWRMB ZX 50-2   /   ST 1000 C/D SST


Auflage: 100 St. MCV / 300 St. red wax   /   Erscheinungsjahr: 1984


Tracklist Seite 1: Manx Needs Women (not listed), Titties & Beer, Black Napkins


Tracklist Seite 2: Jumbo Go Away, Andy (not listed), Inca Roads

Smoke `Em If You Got `Em


Tour rehearsals from Culver City 16th Aug, 1978


2 purple vinyl records with 4 different labels. Fold-Out Cover.

"Gato Gordo Cat: 000023 / Industria Espanol / Disco De Promocion" on each label


Tracklist Seite 1: Dancing Fool (03:33), Honey Don´t You Wanna Man Like Me (04:07), Keep It Greasy (03:34), Village Of The Sun (06:53), The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (04:08), Tell Me You Love Me (02:43)


Tracklist Seite 2: City Of Tiny Lights (06:00), Baby Snakes (01:45), Sofa (03:12), Packard Goose (07:26),

A Pound For A Brown On The Bus (05:18)


Tracklist Seite 3: Black Napkins (06:42), I´ve Been In You (03:40), Flakes (06:24), Magic Fingers (02:31), Little House I Used To Live In (04:43)


Tracklist Seite 4: Don´t Eat The Yellow Snow (13:58), Bamboozled By Love (05:59), Sy Borg (04:22)


Sous les paves la plage

26.10.1968, L´Olympia, Paris/France


Label: The Swingin´ Pig Records  /  TSP 300-38


Special Limited Edition 300 copies  /  blue, yellow, white wax


Tracklist Seite 1: King Kong (20:28), Plastic People (3:10)

Tracklist Seite 2: Tune-up and Hungry Freaks preamble (4:41), Hungry freaks Daddy (3:58), Green Genes preamble (1:40), Son Of Mr. Green Genes (7:49), Improvisations (8:52)

Spick And Span


(same as "Dortmund" and "Instructional Wanking")


Label: ? / Matrix Numbers: 01A/B


Releases in 1985


200 numbered copies in green vinyl


other vinyl vesions: dark blue, clear, green-blue, light blue


Phillipshalle, Düsseldorf, 28.09.1984


Seite 1: Zoot Allures, Teenage Wind, Truck Driver Divorce, City Of Tiny Lites, You Are What You Is

(listet as: Sink Fish), The Evilk Prince (not listed)


Seite 2: More Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel

(listed as: At The Green Hotel), He´s So Gay, Bobby Brown, Keep It Greasy, I´m The Slime,

Let´s Move To Cleveland (listed as: So Young And Maude)

St. Alphonzo's Meatball Sandwich... with Provolone?


Orpheum Theatre, Boston, November 9, 1974 (early show) (Seite 1)

War Memorial, Rochester, New York, November 14, 1974 (Seite 2)


Label:? / "edición limitada vinilo color"


Seite 1: Po-Jama People (11:58), Penguin In Bondage (08:15), T'Mershi Duween (03:22)


Seite 2: Preamble (01:20), Florentine Pogen (07:10), I'm Not Satisfied (02:20), Don't Eat The Yellow Snow (02:40), Nannook Rubs It (05:01), St. Alfonsos Pancake Breakfast (02:10), Father O'Blivion (02:37)

Strictly Genteel 7" EP


Frank Zappa And The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra


September 17, 18 and 19, 1975, Royce Hall, Ucla

Strictly Genteel (Side A, September 19 1975) und

Black Napkins (Side B, September 18 1975)


Selbstverständlich ist die EP wieder in diversen Farbtöpfen gelandet. Zu jeder Farbvariante gibt es ein eigenes Cover. Hier die Abbildung der blue wax Version.

Swiss Cheese

Tracklist Seite 1: Intro, Peaches En Regalia


Tracklist Seite 2: Tears Began To Fall, She Painted Up Her Face, Call Any Vegetables, Anyway The Wind Blows