Ugly Noises

A Condensed History Of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention featuring Flo & Eddie

Label: Mr. Natural

Tracklist Seite 1: Sofa, It Can´t Happen Here, 200 Motels Soundtrack Commercial, Would You Like A Snack, Holyday In Berlin, Who Are The Brain Police


Tracklist Seite 2: Vienna Press Coverage, Lonesome Cowboy Burt, She Painted Up Her Face, Peaches En Regalia, Excerpts From Post Fire Interview, Cruising For Burgers

Underground Record (Bolzano Part 1 & 2)


03.07.1982, Bolzano, Campo Communale


Label: Lunar Tunes / ALM Ltd

Auflage: 450 Exemplare


Frank Zappa, Ray White, Steve Vai, Tommy Mars, Robert Martin, Ed Mann, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman


Tracklist Seite 1: Born To Suck, You Are What You Is, The Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing


Tracklist Seite 2: Drowning Witch, Envelopes, Dancin´ Fool, RDNZL


Tracklist Seite 3: The Black Page #2, City Of Tiny Lites, A Pound For A Brown On The Bus


Tracklist Seite 4: No No Cherry, Mary Lou, Strictly Genteel, The Illinois Enema Bandit

Unmitigated Audicity

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention Live At Notre Dame University, South Bend, May 12, 1974


Label: ? / Cover: D-549


Farbvarianten: black vinyl, light blue marbled, light green marbled, dark green marbled, clear vinyl, red vinyl: 100 copies


Tracklist Seite 1: Untitled Instrumental, It Can’t Happen Here, Hungry Freaks Daddy, You’re Probably Wondering Why I´m Here, How Could I Be Such A Fool?, Ain’t Got No Heart, I’m Not Satisfied, Wowie Zowie, Let’s Make The Water Turn Black, Harry You’re A Beast


Tracklist Seite 2: Oh No, I Don’t Believe It, More Trouble Coming Every Day, Louie Louie, Camarillo Brillo