Waterloo Sunset


Label: Way of Wizards / WOW LP-100~101


18.11.1973, Waterloo, Canada


releases 2015, Europe, includes a free bonus CD of the show


The artwork on the backside of the cover is: Frank Zappa, Untitled, 1967, etching for an album artwork

(detail, from the exhibition “The Art of Hard Rock”, Rome, September 2011)


Tracklist Seite 1: Band Introduction, Be-Bop-Tango


Tracklist Seite 2: T´Mershi Duween, I´m The Slime, Big Swifty, Preamble & Tuning, Pygmy Twylyte


Tracklist Seite 3: The Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Preamble & Tuning, Montana


Tracklist Seite 4: Dupree´s Paradise

Where´s That Wino Man

Label: Mr. Natural


09.11.1974, Boston, late show


Auflage: 250 St. diverse Farben, Label, Cover...

Tracklist Seite 1: Cosmic Debris (in progress), Montana

Tracklist Seite 2: Ol’ 55 (with Tom Waits), Oh No, More Trouble Every Day

Band: Frank Zappa, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood, Tom Fowler, George Duke

While You Were Art EP

Side A: While You Were Art II (a Synclavier performance based on a transcription of Zappa’s improvised guitar solo on the track while you were out from the Shut Up `n Play Yer Guitar album. This unreleased original Synclavier performance was done using only the unit’s FM synthesis, while the recording found on Jazz From Hell features newer samples and timbres).

Side B: Lakshi’s Deelite (unreleased Synclavier track from the post-Jazz From Hell, pre-Civilization Phaze III era, named in tribute to Lakshminarayana Shankar. Zweiter Track: Black Page No.1 (Synclavier version recorded in 1986. Previously only available as a flexidisc issued by Keyboard Magazine as Soundpage #29 in their February 1987 issue).