German orchestra plans protest concert at U.S-Mexico border wall

Markus Rindt is the founder and artistic director of Dresdner Sinfoniker. Rindt: “the plan is to perform pieces by artists Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, Los Van Van and Pink Floyd.”

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Henri-Charles Caget and Yves Rechsteiner

Music of Copland / Metheny / Bryars / Zappa


What makes this production interesting is … all infos => here


Fanfare For The Common Man (Aaron Copland) 10:34
First Circle (Pat Metheny) 10:34
Jimmy Smith In Paradise (Gavin Bryars) 17:21
Black Page (Frank Zappa) 4:16
Echidna’s (Frank Zappa) 4:30
Water Melon in Easter Hay (Frank Zappa) 9:26
Dog Breath, Uncle Meat (Frank Zappa) 5:42
Yo Mama (Frank Zappa) 6:07
Let’s Make The Water Turn Black (Frank Zappa) 10:11
Dog Breath (Frank Zappa, fragment) 3:44

Frank Zappa did a good number of interviews ...

... with the San Diego Union-Tribune. => here are some favorites

Acton Zappa @ Festival Moo-Ah - 2017-04-01

Sensations Over Night by UZB - Unmatched Zappa Bands

Sensations over night is the second volume of the Unmatched Zappa Bands series to celebrate the XX anniversary of the first volume. It follows the tracklist of the Overnite Sensation album (1972) and includes a never-before-released version of Fifty / Fifty, performed exclusevely for this release by The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra. Official release: April 21st


1. Andres Mastrangelo - Camarillo Brillo 04:17                  

2. Joni Kontrol Band - I'm The Slime 03:17                           

3. Taboo Zoo - Dirty Love 04:10                                

4. The Zappa Early Rennaisance Orchestra - Fifty Fifty 06:57

5. Maese Manacho & TOOTAOR - Zomby Woof 04:50                   

6. Caballero Reynaldo & The Grand Kazoo - Dinah Moe-Humm 03:36                   

7. Guillermo Uría - Montana 03:36                         

One of the first great parody records

Revisiting Frank Zappa’s Anti-Sgt. Pepper Album @

New Book: Project X is the last word on Frank Zappa

Written with full co-operation of the Zappa estate, veteran rock journalist Alan Clayson shines new light on the full spectrum of Zappa’s life and career, drawing on a huge archive of new material and personal recollections from those who knew Frank best.


Hachette UK, 2017-12-25, 448 pages, ISBN: 1472122992, 9781472122995, tbr. 2017-12-25

Paul Cannon on contemporary music, Frank Zappa, and opportunities

Listen to Paul Cannon (Ensemble Modern) @

How Frank Zappa influenced the Simpsons

“Frank Zappa was my Elvis,” Groening told Guitar World magazine in 1992. =>

Es ist die nerdigste Community, die man sich vorstellen kann.

Daniel Riegler (Studio Dan): „Die Zappanale ist das verrückteste Festival, das ich kenne.“

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Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Others Pay Tribute to Allan Holdsworth

Holdsworth, who died on April 16 at the age of 70, was the guitarist other players looked up to.
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Read "Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words"

Hörspielmagazin Extra „Meat Light“ mit Karl Lippegaus

Neue Funde aus dem Frank Zappa-Archiv => kann man hier nochmal hören

Ladies and Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies & The Persuasions


Release Date: April 14, 2017
Label: Raisin' Records

Both groups recorded the album together live,
last fall, from Toronto, Canada.

Tracklist: 1. Narrow Streets, 2. Gonna Walk,
3. Don't Shuffle Me Back, 4. The Old Apartment,
5. Keepin' It Real, 6. For You, 7. Some Fantastic,

8. Good Times, 9. Odds Are, 10. Sound Of Your Voice,

11. When I Fall, 12. Maybe Katie, 13. One Week,

14. Four Seconds, 15. I Can Sing

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Keine-100-Tage-bis-zur-Zappanale-Party 2017

Am 8. April fand in Rendsburg wieder einmal die legendäre Party statt, zu der sich alljährlich diejenigen treffen, die es einfach nicht abwarten können, bis sie sich im Sommer in Bad Doberan wieder sehen.


Diesmal spielte Tante Tofu auf, unterstützt von Chato am Bass. Die Stimmung bei diesem Wohnzimmerkonzert war grandios, Karsten erneut ein prima Gastgeber und allen Organisatoren gilt ein großes Dankeschön!!!

The Denny Walley interview

The continuing adventures of the Magic Band, the MOI, and the Muffin Men @

New book by Jim Pons

Hard Core Love: Sex, Football, and Rock and Roll in the Kingdom of God


From the Sunset Strip to the White House and stadiums throughout the NFL, Jim Pons’ journey through rock and roll to filming professional football becomes a one-of-a kind spiritual autobiography. Hard Core Love connects the dots behind the scenes of Jim’s years with The Turtles, Frank Zappa and The New York Jets, all of which lead to his finest achievement, a long-sought peace with God.


Paperback: 222 pages

Publisher: Waterfront Digital Press

Steve Vai discussed top word of advice he got from Frank Zappa

"The Simple Advice Frank Zappa Gave Me That Saved Me Millions of Dollars" =>

Interview mit dem Schlagzeuger Dirk Rothbrust (Ensemble Musikfabrik)

In VAN spricht Rothbrust über tightes Zusammenspiel, Frank Zappa und Stockhausen. =>

This year's Record Store Day list has landed

Frank Zappa - Rollo (Rollo/Rollo Interior Area/Rollo Goes Out) / Portland Improvisation (10" clear vinyl)


Zappa Records celebrates RSD 2017 with an exclusive 10" clear vinyl release featuring The Petit Wazoo, a 10-piece band heavy on horn instrumentation that Zappa toured with in late 1972.


Side 1 contains the song "Rollo" in it’s complete form, first released on Little Dots in 2016.


Side 2 contains the unreleased track “Portland Improvisation," produced by FZ himself and mastered by Bernie Grundman

Record Store Day was conceived 10 years ago in the USA and is coordinated by the Entertainment Retailers Association in the UK. The day brings together hundreds of the UK’s independent record shops to celebrate their unique culture. Exclusive vinyl is made available on the day and shops often have live music and in-store events to celebrate the event. This year´s RSD is 22.04.2017 / the complete list

Lunch Hour Concert: Melbourne Brass Quintet

This exciting and diverse program features Malcolm Arnold’s famous brass quintet – the backbone of the modern brass chamber repertoire – alongside Andrew Batterham’s Melbourne Mosaics arrangements of the great Astor Piazzolla’s tangos, and intriguing versions of music by the legendary Frank Zappa.


Monday, 01 May 2017, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Melba Hall, Parkville, VIC 3010, Australia

Albert Wing Stroke Recovery Fund

On February 1st, 2017, Albert Wing suffered a stroke which disabled the motor functions on the right side of his body from head to foot. After two weeks in the hospital, four more in a physical therapy facility, and now in a facility with no physical therapy available, he is still unable to stand or walk, and must continue to be under constant care and cannot yet go home. His medical expenses are mounting every day, yet he still requires months of physical therapy if there is to be any hope of recovery. We, his musical cohorts in Banned From Utopia, ask that you join us in helping Albert gather the funds necessary to cover his already overwhelming medical expenses and ongoing physical therapy expenses so that he can access the services he needs to recover from this debilitating, life changing, frightening experience, and return to being the productive, astonishingly creative musician he has been all his life. Imagine being a concert pianist and suddenly losing the use of your right hand. Your career, and your life, would be forever altered. That's what Albert is facing unless we pull together and lend a hand to a friend. Without ongoing physical therapy, regaining his prodiguous skills and the dignity of self-sufficiency will not be possible. Please, especially if you have ever seen or heard or been touched by Albert's music, help our friend with a donation, share this, spread the word, and know that you have made a difference in his life and future. Thank you!

Help spread the word!


You can help here

Cal Schenkel, Frank Zappa’s art engineer

Cal Schenkel’s story @

Two Dozen Rare And Limited Release Frank Zappa Albums

Here is a full list and descriptions of each of the titles:

It’s a musical Hogwarts

"Securing Frank Zappa’s Vault" by Larson Sutton @

Kabinettausstellung im Stadthaus Ulm: Bruce Bickford und die Nische

Jedem Fernsehsender, der was auf sich hält, scheint der Mann, der unter anderem in den 1970er Jahren für Frank Zappa Videos mit Knetfiguren schuf, einen Beitrag wert zu sein, zum Beispiel

Auch die Sendung "Kulturzeit" auf 3Sat hat sich mit dem Thema beschäftigt.

Ein Bericht in der Südwest Presse

Diva and Ahmet Zappa

are suing brother Dweezil, claiming he’s spreading lies that tarnish everything their father worked for.

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The Wrong Object: After The Exhibition

Belgian prog heavyweights, The Wrong Object, make a spectacular return to center stage, with a studio album of brilliant original compositions, released June 25, 2016.

get it here:

  • Michel Delville: guitar, Roland GR-09
  • Antoine Guenet: keyboards, vocals
  • Marti Melia: bass & tenor saxes, clarinet
  • Francois Lourtie: tenor, alto & soprano saxes, voice
  • Pierre Mottet: bass
  • Laurent Delchambre: drums, percussions, objects, samples
  • with Special Guests
  • Benoit Moerlen: marimba, electronic vibraphone (Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 11)
  • Susan Clynes: vocals (Track 8)

01. Detox Gruel 04:14

02. Spanish Fly 05:20

03. Yantra 08:03

04. Frank Nuts 03:39

05. Jungle Cow, Part 1 05:41

06. Jungle Cow, Part 2 04:19

07. Jungle Cow, Part 3 05:24

08. Glass Cubes 08:29

09. Wrong But Not False 05:25

10. Flashlight Into Black Hole 03:05         

11. Stammtisch 05:58

For Immediate Release

The Ed Palermo Big Band Releases “The Great Un-American Songbook Volumes 1 & 2”
Feat. Covers of The Beatles, King Crimson, Traffic, Jethro Tull and Others!
Featuring Zappa vocal legend Napoleon Murphy Brock!

PDF-Dokument [367.5 KB]

Vinyl enthusiasts, music fans and Zappaphiles rejoice!

Today we talk with drumming legend and all-around good guy Ralph Humphrey, a man who kept the beat and set the pace for Frank Zappa's brilliant "Apostrophe (')", "Over-Nite Sensation" and "Roxy & Elsewhere" albums. If you like records, just starting a collection or are an uber-nerd with a house-full of vinyl, this is the podcast for you. Nate Goyer is The Vinyl Guide and discusses all things music and record-related.

=> The Vinyl Guide Ep068

Perico Sambeat Plays Zappa (CD)

Release Date: November 18, 2016, Label: Karonte, Copyright: (C) 2016 Nuba Records S. L., 57min

01 Zomby Woof 5:53

02 It Must Be a Camel 6:16

03 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? 6:25

04 For Calvin 6:31

05 Imaginary Diseases / Tink Walks Amok 7:18

06 Inca Roads 7:08

07 I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth 4:57

08 A Pound for a Brown 5:12

09 The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue 4:07

10 Peaches En Regalia 3:36                        


Perico Sambeat - alto sax, soprano sax, flauta, tambourine
Javier Vercher - tenor sax, soprano sax
Voro García - trompeta
Toni Belenguer - trombon
Santi Navalón - keys
Iván Cebrián - guitar
Julio Fuster - bajo, electric bajo
Miquel Asensio “Rochet” - drooms

Zappatika - 2017 01 27 Breda (NL)

here is the first official production from the new Zappatika line up (the 5th and FINEST line up we ever had!)

Please feel free to share or publish these Audio files.


Zappatika are: Zap Mcinnes -Vocals, Guitar / Diego Mocci – Drums / Hieronymus van Dam - Perc., Synths, Vocals / Emile Chill - Guitar, Vocals / Joep Oosterbaan - Bass / Osman Meyredi - Keyboards, Vocals

Tracklist: City of Tiny Lights, Broken Hearts are for Assholes, Cosmic Debris, More Trouble Every Day, The Torture Never Stops, Black Napkins, Ms. Pinky, I am the Slime, Zoot Allures / Whippin' Post, Why does it hurt when I pee?, Andy, Keep it Greasy, Encore: Camarillo Brillo / Muffin Man

An analysis of the evolution of Frank Zappa’s BE-BOP TANGO

Tony Palmer on the insanity of directing 200 Motels with Frank Zappa

1. Wild Enthusiasm, 2. Total Confusion, 3. Utter Despair, 4. Search for the Guilty, 5. Persecution of the Innocent, 6. Promotion of the Incompetent => by Tony Palmer @

The Vegetarians: Let´s Have A Good Time

Produced by Hans Annellsson, Track 1 by Godfrey Francis - Hans Annellsson, Track 2 by Hans Annellsson - Ashley Scrace, Track 3 by Hans Annellsson, Track 4 by Frank Zappa

1. Let's Have a Good Time, 2. Old Sam, 3. Titles, 4. Amnerika

Performed by HA with the help of:
Napoleon Murphy Brock - Vocals track 1,2 & 4
Marc Mollan - Vocals track 3
Mats Öberg – Grand piano & harmonica track 4
Jimmy Ågren – Guitar track 2
Pelle Jernryd – Lapsteel track 3
Martin Johnsson – Keyboards track 1 & 2
Inge Petersson-Lindbäck - Sax track 1

Available as MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files

New: Where The Shark Bubbles Blow (7-CD-Set)

Limited edition 7CD Box Set featuring four FM broadcasts from 1975 to 1981.

tbr 10th February 2017


Disc 1. Vancouver October 1st 1975

Disc 2. Vancouver October 1st 1975

Disc 3. Rhode Island, April 26th 1975

Disc 4. Rhode Island, April 26th 1975

Disc 5. NYC, Nov 17th 1981

Disc 6. NYC, Nov 17th 1981

Disc 7. NYC October 31st, 1977

Funky Zappa Trio The Z3 Releases New EP

Zappa Probably Would Think You’re Stupid, showcases The Z3’s knack for rearrangement. “Fifty Fifty” becomes an organ-funk tour de force; something from the prog rock album Soulive has yet to record. “Village of the Sun” also shows the band’s soul jazz roots—Sasser and Carbone spent years as 2 of the 3 members of the Melvin Sparks Band—and grooves with a sweet spank reminiscent of the jam session Zappa and George Benson never had. The band’s touch is nowhere more evident than on “Absolutely Free,” a Zappa ode to American consumerism and conformity, which they’ve changed from ¾ to 4/4 time signature, funked up and peppered with three part vocal harmonies. Finally, the full peacock tail is unfurled on “Flower Punk” as Palmieri achieves heights of epic banter, working himself into a petulant frenzy as he verbalizes his imagined life as a truly liberated hippy, all atop of a never-ending guitar solo.


You can download it => here


Jahr für Jahr kommen Freunde guter Musik aus vielen Kontinenten nach Bad Doberan: Australien, Indonesien, Skandinavien, Belgien, Niederlande, Frankreich, USA, Schweiz, Österreich und Menschen vieler Länder mehr sind hier für ein paar Tage Gast. Nicht nur auf dem Campingground, sondern auch in Hotels, Gasthäusern und Pensionen mitten in der Stadt.

Bislang hatten wir wohl alle das Gefühl, man freut sich auf uns, insb. das viele Geld, was wir hier lassen. Viele Lebensmittelhändler, Gasthäuser und Kneipen, Drogeriemärkte, Apotheken, Gummistiefelverkäufer, Cafes  und Tankstellen nehmen bestimmt sehr gerne unsere Euronen in Empfang.

Wie gesagt: BISLANG! Nun schaut Euch das Wahlergebnis der Stadt Bad Doberan der letzten Landtagswahl an und denkt selbst darüber nach, ob wir hier erwünscht sind.