Austin 1973 - FM Radio Broadcast

FM RADIO BROADCAST FROM FRANK ZAPPA & MOI s 1973 US TOUR Released in September 1973, Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention´s Over-Nite Sensation was initially met with mixed reviews; Rolling Stone magazine called the lyrical content puerile, and Robert Christgau from Village Voice asked, where s the serious stuff?


In retrospect however, the album has fared much better and is now the subject of one of the esteemed Classic Rock documentaries. In the wake of the record, Zappa and the then current MOI line up went out on the road for a short North American Tour.


With George Duke on keys, Tom Fowler on bass, Chester Thompson on drums, Ruth Underwood on percussion and Napoleon Murphy Brock on sax, the group performed at Austin, Texas Armadillo World Headquarters on 26th October 73, where they put on an extraordinary show which was recorded for live FM radio broadcast. In true Zappa style however, the band did not perform a single cut from their new album.



1. Cosmik Debris 7:00

2. Inca Roads 10:30

3. Pygmy Twylyte 4:57

4. The Idiot Bastard Son 2:16

5. Cheepnis 3:38

6. Big Swifty 9:26

7. San Clemente Magnetic Deviation Preamble 1:07

8. Dickie's Such An Asshole 8:40

9. Farther Oblivion 14:41

10. Mr Green Genes/King Kong/Chunga's Revenge 17:16




The Broadcast Collection 1970-81 - 4CD Box-Set

1. Frank Zappa - The New Maternity 1970
2. Frank Zappa - Ahoy There! 1980
3. Frank Zappa - Ahoy There! 1980
4. Frank Zappa - Puttin' On The Ritz 1981
5. Frank Zappa - Puttin' On The Ritz 1981
Label: Cult Legends

Frank Zappa ‘Hot Rats’ Sessions 50th Anniversary Box Set Announced

This expansive new collection documents and compiles every composition recorded during several days in July 1969 when Zappa recorded Hot Rats and a wealth of other material that ended up being used throughout multiple releases during his lifetime.


Filled with an abundance of rare and unedited mixes, work mixes, relevant Vault nuggets and complete basic tracks mixed from the original multi-track master tapes by Craig Parker Adams and mastered by Bob Ludwig in 2019, the collection provides a fascinating look into the making of this classic album, and includes essentially every musical entity that was recorded during these iconic sessions.


Along with the set of music and outtakes and unfinished stuff that didn’t make the release, there are a ton of old photos and extra stuff that they’re tossing in.

Zappacast Episode 41 - Halloween '73!!

Well well well, look what's back! Yes, yes, it's the ZAPPACAST! After a lengthy break, we are back with a VERY SPECIAL Halloween episode just for you! And once again, we are glad to feature as our guest the Vaultmeister JOE TRAVERS, in the first of a two-part discussion as he and Scott chat about the new album HALLOWEEN '73!! This features five discs of glorious 1973 goodness, brought to you by FZ and the beloved "Roxy lineup" of the Mothers.

Workshop Gothenburgs operan 1995: Bobby Brown


Die DIALOGE 2019 schlagen einen Bogen von ganz jungen zeitgenössischen KomponistInnen über Boulez und Berg, bis hin zu Zappa, Say und Barock.


Die musikalische Bandbreite der DIALOGE zeigt sich am Montagabend (25. November) wenn der Abend für Frank Zappa das oenm . österreichisches ensemble für neue musik mit der Salzburger Progressive-Rock-Band Blank Manuskript zusammenbringt und sich mit Werken von Zappa, Boulez und Varèse ein ganz besonderer Dialog entspinnt.


25.11.2019, 19.30 Uhr, Stiftung Mozarteum, Großer Saal, Salzburg, Österreich

Clam Rock 2020

Der Termin für 2020 ist fixiert, am Freitag, 03. Juli 2020 wird bei Clam live wieder gerockt. Und auch das Line-Up steht bereits fest. Mit Deep Purple und Uriah Heep beehren uns im neuen Jahr zwei der wohl kultigsten Rock-Größen am Clam Rock Festival. Sohn Dweezil bringt mit DWEEZIL ZAPPA PLAYS FRANK ZAPPA die Musik seines Vaters Frank Zappa live auf die Bühne. Glam-Rock vom allerfeinsten und ein Hitfeuerwerk gibt’s von THE SWEET. Der Name ist Programm – The Doors Alive erwecken die Legende The Doors wieder zum Leben und bieten eine authentische Performance. Den Festival-Auftakt macht die Linzer Hard Rock Band RED MACHETE.


Burg Clam Meierhofwiese, 4352 Klam, Österreich

new: Under The Covers (CD)

This collection features 23 cover versions, all recorded in concert during Frank Zappa’s career, sometimes in humorous adaption, sometimes not, but always, as was Zappa and his numerous bands’ way, with musical perfection. 
TRACKLIST 1. Bacon Fat 3:57 2. Bolero 6:14 3. No, No Cherry 1:27 4. Baby Love 0:57 5. Nite Owl 2:21 6. Those Lonely, Lonely Nights 3:05 7. The Girl From Ipanema 1:11 8. I Am The Walrus 3:30 9. Ride Like The Wind 6:37 10. Happy Together 2:34 11. Stranded In The Jungle 3:08 12. Jungle Boogie 3:16 13. Stairway To Heaven 8:31 14. Murder By Numbers (ft. Sting) 5:34 15. Little Girl Of Mine 1:58 16. The Closer You Are 2:04 17. Ol '55 (ft. Tom Waits) 5:39 18. Octandre 6:44 19. This Is My Story 1:13 20. Blue Suede Shoes/Hound Dog 0:58 21. Agon 0:37 22. Louie Louie (ft. Howard Stern) 1:30 23. Hang On Sloopy 3:30

Guest Shot – Frank Zappa’s Avant-Garde Side

On the 700th episode of the pod, our guests bring the Frank Zappa trilogy to a close. Intern John Rossman, Nick Kline and Greg Loman discuss Zappa’s avant-garde music.

BLACK FRIDAY 2019 - 11/29/2019

In celebration of HOT RATS’ fiftieth anniversary, “Peaches En Regalia” and “Little Umbrellas” get their first-ever single release. 

A-Side: “Peaches En Regalia (Mono Single Master)”, “Little Umbrellas

(Mono Single Master)”
B-Side: “Peaches En Regalia (Rhythm Track Mixes)”, “Little Umbrellas

(Rhythm Track Mixes)”


Format: 10" Picture Disc
Label: UMe
Quantity: 4000
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

Ahmet Zappa talks openly to Bob Lefsetz

Back Against The Wall


Alan White, Adrian Belew, Steve Porcaro, Ian Anderson, Tony Levin, Steve Morse, Billy Sherwood, Vinnie Coliauta, Fee Waybill, Ronnie Montrose, Mike Porcaro, John Wetton, Alan White, Steve Howe,  Robby Krieger, Glenn Hughes, Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Rick Wakeman, Jay Schellen, Chris Squire, Steve Porcaro, Jason Chefe, Dweezil Zappa, Tony Kaye, Malcolm McDowell


Label: Cleopatra (Membran)

Released: October 4th, 2019

Moon Zappa: 'Fanatic' Threatening My Life Over Dad's Lyrics!!!

Moon Zappa filed for a restraining order Thursday in L.A. County against a man who's allegedly been stalking and threatening her since 2000.


According to the docs, Moon says the "delusional fanatic" believes she and her father stole lyrics from him way back in the late 1970s.


read more @

Jazz Bastard Podcast 175 - Zappity Doo Dah

Many moon-units ago a listener requested we look at the music of Frank Zappa in a little more depth.  Bastards being bastards, we brought our best shallow game and called it a day.  Burt Bacharach and Hal Willner get smoldering glances in the pop matters segment. 







The Mothers of Invention: Seriously Live - 1967-1969 bootleg highlights

Sliced and diced together from five bootleg recordings, this is a giant instrumental album of The Mothers of Invention playing unique arrangements of and incendiary, extended jams around many of their major songs of the era. Details on sources and alignment with official albums duly noted below the program/player info.


Listen to your mothers

The Furious Bongos - Frank Zappa Tribute tour 2019

The Furious Bongos - Frank Zappa Tribute has 4 concerts scheduled on the 2019 tour, with

tickets available for all shows.


Fri Nov 1 - 8:00 PM - The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Fri Nov 8 - 8:00 PM - Tralf Music Hall, Buffalo, NY

Tue Nov 12 - 8:00 PM - Cosmic Charlies, Lexington, KY

Sun Nov 17 - 7:00 PM - Reggies Rock Club, Chicago, IL

Ensemble Modern

Am Freitag 29 November 2019 um 20:00

Opernplatz 1, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, 60313, Deutschland


Zappa, Frank (1940-1993)     The Yellow Shark     

Zappa, Frank (1940-1993)     The Adventures of Greggery Peccary


Dirigent: Jonathan Stockhammer


Fr. 06.12.2019, 20:30 Haus Eifgen, Wermelskirchen [FZ † 04.12.1993]

Fr. 20.12.2019, 20:30 Hirsch, Metzingen-Glems

Sa. 21.12.2019, 21:00 Z88, Kreuzlingen [FZ * 21.12.1940]

Sa. 25.01.2020, 20:00 LINDENKELLER, 85354 Freising

Sa. 01.02.2020, 20:30 RATHAUSHALLE, 97437 Haßfurt

Fr. 28.02.2020, 21:00 HAJO'S, Rüdesheim (Rhein) JUBILÄUMSKONZERT: 20 Jahre SHEIKS im HAJO!

Fr. 06.03.2020, 21:00 KULTURBASTION, 04860 Torgau

Sa. 07.03.2020, 21:00 GASTHAUS "ZUM BRÄU", 84518 Garching

Sa. 21.03.2020, 20:30 LINCOLN THEATER, Worms (BLUENITE e.V.)

Fr. 03.04.2020, 20:00 ZEHNTSCHEUER, Ravensburg

Sa. 04.04.2020, 20:00 UNIVERSUM KINOCENTER, Landau

new: Halloween '73 (Live in Chicago,1973)

Box Set / CD with highlights, Universal (Universal Music), tbr October 25th, 2019

new: The Wrong Object: Into The Herd

Auch auf ihrem siebten Album trägt die Belgische Jazz-Rock-Band THE WRONG OBJECT wieder ihren markanten Mix aus Nu-jazz, Progrock und besten zappa-esquen Jazzrock vor. 'Into The Herd' erscheint als CD auf OFF. THE WRONG OBJECT ist eine Jazz-Rock-Band aus Belgien, die 2002 von Gitarrist MICHEL DELVILLE gegründet wurde. Neben FRANK ZAPPA reichen ihre musikalischen Einflüsse von Bands wie SOFT MACHINE, GONG und BÉLA BARTOK über AKA MOON und CHARLIE MINGUS. Obwohl ursprünglich als FRANK ZAPPA-Tribute-Band ins Leben gerufen, spielten sie auf ihren bisherigen Alben hauptsächlich eigene Stücke, die stark von ZAPPA inspiriert waren, aber nur auf Anfrage coverten sie tatsächlich auch einige seiner Songs. Diese erschienen vor Kurzem auf einem eigenen Album 'Zappa Jaweka'. Mit 'Into The Herd' legen die Belgier nun schon wieder nach und werfen dem Zuhörer einen Mix aus Saxophon, Keyboards, Klarinette, Bass, Gitarre, Drums und Percussions sehr eindrucksvoll um die Ohren.

new: Live.. Paris 1968 (LP)

Outstanding performance live from Paris. Includes the entire Radio France broadcast Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality with background liners.


Side One: 1. Improvisations 4.16 2. King Kong 23.31

Side Two: 1. Plastic People 6.48 2. Preamble 2.12 3. Hungry Freaks, Daddy 5.31 4. Son Of Mr. Green Genes 7.34


Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, live from the Theatre De L Olympia, Paris, France 26th October 1968. This was the final night of the Mothers 1968 European tour, and finds the band pulling out all the stops to deliver an outstanding show. Broadcast on Radio France, its highlights include one of the best renditions of King Kong they ever gave and a superb Hungry Freaks, Daddy, as well as some typically acidic repartee from Zappa. It s presented here together with background notes and images.

Ein Abend für Frank Zappa

œnm - österreichisches ensemble für neue musik, Blank Manuskript


Musik von Frank Zappa, Pierre Boulez und Edgard Varèse


Frank Zappa, der „Vater von Punk und Postmoderne in Personalunion“, trifft hier auf seinen Freund Pierre Boulez - und das moderne-erprobte œnm macht gemeinsame Sache mit dem kompromisslos bizarren Rock von Blank Manuskript.


25/11/2019 19:30 Uhr, Salzburg (Österreich), Stiftung Mozarteum, Großer Saal

Musikfestival an der Ostseeküste hält das Werk von Frank Zappa lebendig

Ein sehr schöner Bericht von Fatima Lacerda auf

Unexpected photo of the day

Frank Zappa Coloring Book: By Fantoons

An officially licensed coloring book packed with original art that will delight any Frank Zappa fan, from diehards to newcomers!

Official Zappa coloring book featuring 72 pages of brand new illustrations celebrating the greatest composer, musician, futurist and innovator… Frank Zappa! Packed with humor, muffins and references, this book will bring hours of fun for any Zappa fan! Illustrated by artists who are Zappa fans themselves, the book features stunning illustrations, from the abstract to the intricate, that are sure to delight and surprise Zappa fans on every page!

Fully Authorized by the Zappa Family Trust.


Tbr: November 5th, 2019

David Calcano is the creative director of Fantoons, an animation studio based in Los Angeles. David was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has been watching cartoons ever since he was inside his mom’s belly. As an adult, he moved to the UK where he worked as a systems engineer until he dropped his career to pursue his true dream: to build an animation studio, create cartoons and publish books that combine music and creative art. We are honored to work with some of the best companies and artists around the world: Disney, Rush, Frank Zappa, Steve Martin, Poison, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Mr. Big, Universal Music, and Ole, among many others! David’s motto comes from Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Composer to Composer Talks - Carl Stone w/ Frank Zappa (1988)

Recorded in 1988 in Frank Zappa’s home, this conversation was originally commissioned by a Japanese magazine and was to this day never broadcast.

Mothermania: The Best Of The Mothers Exclusive LP

A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing. Originally released on March 24th, 1969, this compilation was created and produced by Frank Zappa featuring mixes of songs from three previous Mothers Of Invention records. Now available on vinyl for the 50th anniversary of its original release!

Color: Magenta & Purple With Black Splatter

Number of discs: 1

Vinyl weight (grams): 180

Limited edition of: 1000

Label: Zappa

Release Date: 07/19/2019

Catalog Number: ZR38401C

Ancient Armaments: The Frank Zappa Singles Project

Greg Russo, author of "Cosmik Debris: The Collected History And Improvisations Of Frank Zappa," has thoroughly researched and analyzed each Zappa-related single release from 1961 to the present. From the Pal Recording Studio era to The Mothers Of Invention to solo work and production/performance sessions, each commercial and promotional single is presented with the amount of detail and precision that FZ fans expect and deserve. Get it here

Arthur Barrow: My time with Frank Zappa

Introduction / Audition / Rehearsals / Touring / Clonemeister / Frank's Quotes

The music of Frank

Ensemble Modern / Jonathan Stockhammer in der Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Großer Saal

22.Februar 2020, 20.oo Uhr

Vaideology: Basic Music Theory for Guitar Players

Experience must-know music knowledge and wisdom through the highly focused lens of legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.


This full-color instructional book written by Vai himself features in-depth discussions of the music theory fundamentals that every aspiring (and veteran) guitar player should know, packed with practical exercises, diagrams, tips, inspiring ideas and concepts, practice methods, and ways of looking at music that you may have never considered.


Topics covered include: academic vs. experiential learning * reading and writing music * key signatures * chord scales * rhythm basics * guitar harmonics * modes * and much more. This beautiful book is full-color throughout and features artwork on every page by Vai!

Frank Zappa 1966 to 1979: Every Album, Every Song (On Track)


The book will begin with Zappa's 60s albums with The Mothers of Invention, before delving into his prolific 70s solo career, typified by Hot Rats, Apostrophe and Sheik Yerbouti. Throughout this period, his albums remained complex musically while the subject matter was often satirical and controversial.


Fans of Zappa's 60s and 70s work will appreciate the level of detail, research, and depth provided in each review, making this the most comprehensive guide to this enigmatic musician's music yet written.


  • Author: Eric Benac
  • Release date: 2019-06-27

Rockstar, Rebell, Komponist, Genie


Analytische Betrachtungen zu Frank Zappas Werk: Endlich Frank Zappas Musiktheorie verstehen. Mit Abbildungen und Notenbeispielen


Frank Zappa war neben Bürgerschreck, Gitarrenheld und politischer Aktivist vor allem Eines: Genialer Komponist.

Mit diesem Buch, dass auf einer Bachelorarbeit von 2017 (Benotung: sehr gut) basiert, erhält man tiefe Einblicke in das musikalische Gehirn von Frank Zappa, den selbst Koryphäen der klassischen Orchestermusik wie Pierre Boulez, Zubin Mehta und Kent Nagano bewunderten.


  • Taschenbuch: 36 Seiten
  • Verlag: Independently published (24. Februar 2019)
  • Sprache: Deutsch

Zappa's Gear by Mick Ekers

The Unique Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Units, Keyboards and Studio Equipment


Lavishly illustrated including over 180 unique photographs of Frank Zappa's guitars and equipment taken by the author at his UMRK studio in LA and featuring a foreword by Dweezil Zappa Zappa's Gear offers an unprecedented inside look at the machinery behind the legendary music.


In addition to a detailed presentation of the equipment, Zappa's Gear also introduces some of the pioneering inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs without whom the instruments would not exist. Zappa's Gear is an official Frank Zappa book produced and written with the full cooperation and endorsement of Gail Zappa and the Zappa Family Trust.


256 Seiten, 25,4 x 33 cm, ISBN-10: 1540012026

Erscheinungstermin: 15.07.2019

Hommage an Jimmy Carl Black − 10 years gone

Eine Sondersendung auf vom Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2018

Live via Skype - Moni Black / Musikzusammenstellung: Burkhard Schempp



Geronimo Black: Low Ridin' Man (Geronimo Black, 1972)

Zappa/Mothers/Beefheart: You're So Fine (1975 05 23 - El Paso TX, 1975)

Big Sonny And The Lo Boys: I'm A King Bee (In Heat, 1979)

Geronimo Black: Lovesick Blues (Welcome Back, 1980)

JCB: Ain't Got No Home (Clearly Classic, 1981)

JCB & The Mannish Boys: Big Leg Emma (A Lil' Dab'l Do Ya, 1987)

Arthur Brown & JCB: Fever (Brown Black & Blue, 1988)

Holzhaus, Black & Teresas: The T-Bone Shuffle (I Just Got In From Texas, 1988)

Ant Bee: JCB Speakin' At Ya (With My Favorite Vegetable And Other Bizarre Muzik, 1994)

Sandro Oliva: Junk Food / Mr. Green Genes (Who The Fuck Is Sandro Oliva? 1994)

The Jack And Jim Show: Big Boss Man (Locked In A Dutch Coffeshop, 1995)

The Jack And Jim Show: Sure 'Nuff And Yes I Do (Pachuco Cadaver, 1995)

JCB and Behind The Mirror: Jazz Is Not Dead (Cockroach Albert, 1998)

Farrell and Black: Stick Man (Black Limousine, 1999)

JCB and Behind The Mirror: Harder Than Your Husband (An Evening with... 2000)

Black-Estrada-Pini: 44 Blues / How Many More Years? (Hamburger Midnight, 2002)

Blind Riders On Mad Horses feat. JCB: Volunteered Slavery (Roland Kirk Memorial Barbecue, 2002)

JCB: Mercedes Benz (Singin' The Blues, 2003)

The Jack And Jim Show: Willie The Pimp (Live at Zappanale #14, 2003)

JCB & Cosmic Debris: Directly From My Heart To You (2004)

JCB: Like A Rolling Stone (How Blue Can You Get, 2007)

Compositions by Frank Zappa

Heikki Poroila: „You are reading an enhanced (corrected, enlarged and more detailed) PDF edition in English of my printed book Frank Zappan sävellykset (Suomen musiikkikirjastoyhdistys 2015, in Finnish).


I try to explain shortly the reasoning behind this yet-another-Frank-Zappa-monograph. The idea of listing all the compositions by Frank Zappa is an obsessive project typical for music librarians. It was matured during the years I was forced to tell many Finnish Zappa fans that the book Zappa äänitteillä [Recorded Zappa, 1995] by me and HEIKKI KARJALAINEN was out of print and in no circumstances was I willing to compile a new edition of its material.“


You can read and download it for free.

An analysis of the evolution of Frank Zappa’s BE-BOP TANGO