ZAP Feat. Zappa Vocal Legend Ike Willis, Chip Z'Nuff & Sean McKee

To Release Digital Single “Air Traffic Control” on Steve Vai's Favored Nations

Chicago, IL - New band ZAP has released a digital single called “Air Traffic Control” on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label. The band is made up of Emmy-nominated composer Sean McKee, who is also collaborating with Jon Anderson from YES on a concept album project, Ike Willis, the voice on numerous Frank Zappa albums, and Grammy-nominated bassist Chip Z'Nuff (Enuff Z'Nuff, Missing Persons, Adler's Appetite).

“Air Traffic Control” started as a 60 second piece that was commissioned by Lee Abrams (Co-Founder of XM Radio) to have McKee write a piece of music in the style of Frank Zappa, and produce a video to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his passing. McKee wrote and performed all instruments, including recording the keyboard parts using a then-prototype Lineage MIDI guitar from Inspired Instruments.

Besides being a musician, McKee is known as a pioneer in the field of image processing, creating technology used for new movies and classic film restorations, along with 2D to 3D conversions, with the technology he led development on being used daily in Hollywood. For several years, one of his clients was Gail Zappa, Frank's widow, and he worked on restoring film elements from Frank's archive, and also helped to recover lost video masters that Gail hadn't seen in years.

According to McKee, “When I heard the news of Gail's passing last October, I was deeply saddened, she was very kind to me, and an incredibly smart woman who pioneered the concept of artists' retaining the rights to the master recordings. I decided to take the 60 second piece and finish it as a proper song, as a memorial to Gail and tribute to Frank, who was a big influence on my playing.”

McKee crafted the song starting from the existing 60 second guitar solo, building a complete song around it, similar to methods Zappa incorporated. He then asked Ike Willis to sing on the track and add another guitar solo. Die hard Zappa fans will also notice a lyrical reference to the infamous 'White Zone'.

McKee continues, “The original solo I wrote is what ends the song, and Ike takes the first guitar solo. If you close your eyes, you can see Frank and hear the lineage. When Frank got sick, he asked Ike to carry on his music, and while this is a new, original song, his playing and voice carries the torch for both the legacy fans as well as a new generation of listeners.”

McKee then asked Chip Z'Nuff to play bass on all parts except for the bass under the solos, which McKee had recorded originally.

The end result is a modern interpretation and homage to a timeless and unique style. => more infos

ZAP - Air Traffic Control - Feat. Ike Willis, Chip Z'Nuff & Sean McKee

Interview with Jon Anderson

Q: Did you guys consider performing any of the Frank Zappa material he (Jean-Luc Ponty) played on?


A: I talked about doing a few Zappa and a couple of Mahavishnu pieces, but Jean-Luc said, he’d rather do something new. So we’d write some new songs. We talked about maybe one day we should do a symphonic piece, with an orchestra, and he could revisit some of his Zappa and Mahavishnu parts, and I could implant some symphonic new songs or sort of Yes things as well. So we talked about that for next year, so we’ll see what life brings us.


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Drei vom Rhein feat. Pit Hupperten

31.03.2017, Scala Cinema, Uhlandstraße 9, Leverkusen


Das neue Programm ist eine wüste Mischung aus eigenen Kompositionen und Zappa- Songs. Letztere jedoch nach Belieben und „reiner Willkür“ zerfleddert, gerupft und neu zusammen gebaut. Drei vom Rhein kehrt zu sich selbst zurück, bleibt aber dem Geist der Musik Frank Zappas treu, bei der es längst nicht nur um Humor, Quintolen oder ungerade Takte geht. Eine Melange aus Jazz und Rock ist eben nicht gleich Jazzrock. So gibt es jede Menge Songs, viel Gesang aber ebenso viele instrumentale Ausflüge, die den Hörer mit auf die Reise nehmen.


Pit Hupperten - vocals, guitar, keys
Werner Neumann - guitar, composition, vocals
Helmuth Fass - bass, vocals
Alex Vesper - drums, vocals

New FZ releases in October

Little Dots (1CD), Chicago '78 (2CD), Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object (3CD)

The Zappa Estate

sold for $5,306,988 on 08/22/16

Austin Dam Show slated in Potter County August 26 - 27, 2016

Out of the Beardspace of New Jersey, which will bring a Frank Zappa tribute, blends together jazz, pop, funk, rock and more. The group toured the United States and Europe and played at festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chicago and Zappanale in Germany.


Having met as teenagers at the School of Rock, members of Beardspace have been making music together in some form or another for many years. As School of Rock students, they had the opportunity to tour in the US and Europe, perform with Rock Stars like Jon Anderson (Yes) and Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), and play at music festivals like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Zappanale in Germany.


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A Tribute to Frank Zappa, Parliament Funkadelic and Herbie Hancock

- Christian Ryan's Garage - A Tribute to Frank Zappa
- Holey Miss Moley Plays Parliament Funkadelic
- JOOSE - FL plays Herbie Hancock's "Thrust" in it's entirity

Saturday, August 27th, 8:00pm, 18+, $10/13

Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road, Tampa, FL 33613 United States

Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart Pencil Drawing

An Evening with PROJECT/OBJECT

October 23, 2016 at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park, NJ

R.I.P. Gilli Smyth



After a long battle with illness, founding Gong vocalist Gilli Smyth died in Australia surrounded by family on August, 22.













Gilly @ Zappanale #20


The story of the electric violin

And a little bit about Zappa, Harris and Ponty @


Vorbestellbar: ROCK, Teil 3 im Eclipsed Shop



vollständige Analyse des Gesamtwerks von 20 der wichtigsten Rock-Acts aller Zeiten: The Allman Brothers Band, Camel, Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Grobschnitt, Hawkwind, Kansas, The Kinks, Kiss, Joni Mitchell, Santana, T. Rex/Marc Bolan, Tangerine Dream, Thin Lizzy, U2, Uriah Heep, Van Halen, The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed und Frank Zappa



Nur bis zum 20.10.2016 und nur bei Bestellung über den eclipsed Abo- & Bestellservice bzw. den Webshop: eine Gratis-CD mit besonderen Cover-Versionen einiger im Buch analysierter Bands/Acts, u.a. Frank Zappa, Fleetwood Mac, T. Rex u.v.m

New: Kiran Leonard - 'Grapefruit' (CD)


Kiran spoke to Clash from his home in Saddleworth, where he was spending some time during his break from studying at Oxford University, to chew the fat about the Manchester music scene, field recordings and Frank Zappa...


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The Breakfast: Peaches en Regalia

2016-08-19 - Hartford, CT: Tim Palmieri (The Z3) - guitar/vocals / Adrian Tramontano - drums / Jordan Giangreco - keyboards/vocals & Chris DeAngelis - bass/vocals

Terry Bozzio Tour Dates & The Z3 Tour Dates

=> here

Billy Cobham and George Duke Band - Hempstead 1976


Prelude (Tryin’ and Cryin’)
Crosswinds 1:50
Panhandler 4:08
Floop De Loop 9:55
East Bay 10:26
Band Intros 2:31
Earthlings 7:01
Echidna’s Arf 2:30
Someday Space Lady 3:23
Feel Tzina 3:03
And So… 0:30
Uncle Remus 4:51
Involuntary Bliss 12:12


Billy Cobham - drums / George Duke - keyboards /
Alphonso Johnson - bass / John Scofield - guitar

Heubacher Zappanacht am 15.10.2016 mit den Yellow Snow Crystals

The Yellow Snow Crystals: Hier sind keine Kopisten am Werk, sondern Könner, die dem Meister in Nichts nachstehen und einzelne seiner Preziosen so lange durch den musikalischen Wolf drehen, bis daraus ein alsolutes Gute-Laune-Programm entsteht, das etwas völlig Eigenes kreiert, ohne dabei je den Ursprung aus den Augen zu verlieren.


Ein weiteres wichtiges Merkmal unterscheidet die Musik der YELLOW SNOW CRYSTALS von der Frank Zappas. Während Zappa immer wieder betont hat, dass er sich vor allem als Komponist und Dirigent sieht, entstehen die Songs und die deutschen Übersetzungen der YELLOW SNOW CRYSTALS im Kollektiv.

Songs From A Golden Dream: Greg Loiacono announced his first solo record

He recruited drummer Todd Roper (Cake, Chuck Prophet),  bassist Scott Thunes (Frank Zappa, The Mother Hips, Fear), Lefty Knight on pedal steel guitar and sitar and Jackie Greene on Hammond organ.

Z.E.R.O. Tolerance Tour

Hello from the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra. (Z.E.R.O.)

Z.E.R.O.'s primary mission is to re-explore the music of Frank Zappa and will be doing a short tour in the Northwest tour this September to support our new CD, Tolerance.

The line up for the Z.E.R.O. Tolerance 2016 Tour will consist of former vocalist for Frank Zappa - Ike Willis, and the drummer for The Tubes and Todd Rundgren - Prairie Prince. Another special guest all the way from Europe, Dutch keyboardist - Fred Händl. Remaining members include Rupert Kettle on Lap Steel/Guitar, Rob Morgan from The Squirrels on vocals. and Kevin Crosby (Pojama People, The Squirrels) on Bass/Ukulele.

This is a special edition of Z.E.R.O. that will probably never happen again. An entire comedy music festival squeezed into one band. => dates

Zappat!ka - The Pony Suite (CD)

Over 25 minutes of music: The Pony Suite, Eat That Question (live at Zappanale #26), Crew Slut (live at Zappanale #26), Filthy Habits (rehearsal outtake)


Featuring: Zap Mcinnes, Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie Craig ‘Twister’ Steward, Battatutti, Yoop with an E, Hieronymus, Fred Händl, Coen Siersma, Deef Den Hartog, Giouli Foteinou, Ed Mann, Denny Walley, Bill Carbone and Diego Mocci

ZAPPAtite cooks up a feast of Frank Zappa s expansive work

Universal announces the sampler ZAPPAtite, release date: 2016-09-16

1. I'm The Slime

2. Dirty Love

3. Dancing Fool

4. Trouble Every Day

5. Peaches En Regalia

6. Tell Me You Love Me

7. Bobby Brown Goes Down

8. You Are What You Is

9. Valley Girl

10. Joe's Garage

11. Cosmik Debris

12. Sofa No. 1

13. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

14. Titties & Beer

15. G-Spot Tornado

16. Cocaine Decisions

17. Zoot Allures

18. Strictly Genteel

Five high-watermark albums from 1966

freak out @

2017 Oscar Predictions – Best Documentary Feature

16. “Eat that Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words” – Thorsten Schutte

The complete list of the nominees @

Flo & Eddie

The 2016 edition of the world-famous Happy Together Tour makes a stop at The Bergen Performing Arts Center (BergenPAC) in Englewood, NJ, on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016. Headlining this year’s edition of the Happy Together Tour is The Turtles, featuring lead singers, Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, better known as Flo & Eddie.

R.I.P. József Laux

Laux was the publisher of the hungarian translation of the Real Frank Zappa Book. And he was the founder of the fantastic hungarian band Omega and the band Locomomotiv GT. József Laux died on August, 6th.

Omega: House of Cards (from the LP Time Robber, 1976)

Funky Takes on Frank for the 21st Century! - The "Dumb All Over" Tour

Clowns on Velvet - How Al Di Meola came to play with Frank Zappa

“I got a call from Frank…” => read more @

new: Solid Gold - Live On Air (2CD)


CD #1

1. Peaches En Regalia 3:27

2. Dancin' Fool 3:25

3. St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast 4:06

4. Intro (Flakes) 1:43

5. Sanber'dino 4:56

6. Tryin' to Grow a Chin 3:29

7. City of Tiny Lites 4:58

8. The Squirm 6:07

9. Big Leg Emma 2:05

10. Audience Participation 7:09

11. The Black Page #2 2:53

12. Jones Crusher 3:46

13. Camarillo Brillo 3:27

14. Black Napkins 6:59



CD #2 (Live from the Ritz Theatre 1981)

1. Treacherous Cretins 1:19, 2. Montana 3:45, 3. Easy Meat 8:55, 4. You Are What You Is 2:33, 5. Mudd Club 2:45, 6. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:08, 7. Drowning Witch 10:20, 8. Stevie's Spanking 6:25, 9. Tryin' to Grow a Chin 2:22, 10. Zoot Allures 10:03, 11. Whipping Post 6:33, 12. Watermelon in Easter Hay 5:36

Auction of Frank Zappa gear and memorabilia

Julien’s Auctions has announced an extensive sale of items from the estate of the late Frank and Gail Zappa and Dweezil and Moon aren't happy about it. => read more @

new: Grandsheiks feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock (DVD)

01 Let's Move To Cleveland (9:02)
02 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (3:57)
03 Joe's Garage (4:19)
04 I'm The Slime (4:21)
05 Stinkfoot (4:17)
06 Florentine Pogen (10:45)
07 Son Of Orange County (8:18)
08 Echidna's Arf Of You (4:24)
09 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing (11:44)
10 Advance Romance (9:13)
11 Andy (7:18)
12 Mr. Green Genes (4:40)
13 Penguin In Bondage (5:25)
14 Pygmy Twylyte (2:28)
15 Dummy Up (7:39)
16 Inca Roads (14:01)
17 The Torture Never Stops (16:54)
18 Muffin Man (5:54)


rec. live on October 31, 2015 @ M8, Mainz (Germany)

Total Time: 2 h 14 m 40 s
DVD ohne Regionalcode / Codefree

Dweezil Zappa Plays whatever the F@%k he wants!

Cease and Desist Tour 2016, July 8, 2016, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

Dweezil Zappa - guitar
Mikki Hommel - vocals
Scheila Gonzalez - keyboards, sax, flute, vocals
Chris Norton - keyboards, vocals
Ben Thomas - guitar, trumpet, trombone, vocals
Kurt Morgan - bass, vocals
Bryan Brown - drums
Adam Minkofff - guest vocals on "I Want to Ta-Ta You Baby"
James Santiago - guest guitar on "Cosmik Debris"


Help, I’m a Rock, Transylvania Boogie, It Can't Happen Here, You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here, Harry, You're a Beast / The Orange County Lumber Truck, Lemme Take You to the Beach, What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?, She Painted Up Her Face, Half a Dozen Provocative Squats, Catholic Girls, Doreen, Inca Roads, Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown, 70's and 80's Medley, Cosmik Debris,  Dinah-Moe Humm, You Didn't Try to Call Me, The Illinois Enema Bandit, five-five-FIVE, Planet of My Dreams, Eat That Question, I Want to Ta-Ta You Baby, You Are What You Is, Keep It Greasy

Interview with Dweezil Zappa

DZ: “At one point Rykodisc paid $20 million to distribute Frank’s catalog. In less than 20 years, my mother spent all of that money in lawsuits and multiple other things. When she passed away, she was $6 million in debt, and at one point she completely lost Frank’s catalog. His entire life’s work did not belong to the family anymore because of what she had done.” => the interview

Online Petition by Carl King: Stop the sale of all of Frank's historical property

There are too many financial disagreements and public discrepancies to allow the Zappa Family Trust to objectively manage its affairs and protect the legacy of Frank Zappa.


Zappa Family Trust: assign administrative control to neutral third party, save the house!

New: Eat That Question Interview Segments (Bootleg-CD)

01 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa 1:20

02 Frank Zappa, Chuck Ash 2:53

03 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa 2:20

04 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa, Al Malkin 2:25

05 Frank Zappa, Chuck Ash 2:35

06 Frank Zappa, Chuck Ash, Moon Zappa 3:18

07 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa 2:07

08 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa 3:40

09 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa, Chuck Ash 2:30

10 Al Malkin, Chuck Ash, Moon Zappa 2:10

11 Frank Zappa, Chuck Ash 2:55

12 Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa 2:05

13 Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally 2:32

14 Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally 2:41

15 Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally 2:41

16 Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally 2:04

17 Frank Zappa, Jake Cinninger, Chuck Ash 2:28

18 Frank Zappa, Jake Cinninger, Mike Keneally 3:45

19 Frank Zappa, Jake Cinninger 2:26

20 Frank Zappa, Chuck Ash 2:51

DZPWTFHW:CADT2016 Rehearsals

The official "Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever The F@%k He Wants: Cease and Desist tour 2016" trailer.


Dweezil Zappa - lead guitar, vocals

Scheila Gonzalez - saxophone, flute, keyboards, harmonica, vocals

Ryan Brown - drums, percussion, vocals

Ben Thomas - lead vocals, trumpet, trombone, rhythm guitar

Chris Norton - keyboards, violin, vocals

Kurt Morgan - bass, vocals

Mikki Hommel - Lead and Harmony vocals

Dweezil @ twitter




4 all "woked up" persons, this sign is visible on my website & on tour 2 help guide u in ur decision making process


Whatever the F@%K You Want:


The official Tees for Dwezzil


The “Cease and Desist” legal letter t-shirt

District of


United States of America

Reg. No. 00001 / Int. Cle:

Earth Music Destruction Dept.

All persons named DWEEZIL ZAPPA are hereby ordered to CEASE and DESIST any and all use of the name and likeness of their father and to not perform any of his music anywhere on planet Earth.


MAY 25, 2016 … Dweezil Zappa


Now you can get it for $5,495,000

6,759 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms plus one guest apartment and two guesthouses

There´s a gallery with 32 photos @

new: The Crux Of The Biscuit (CD)

The crux of the biscuit is project/object #4 in the series of 4tieth Anniversary FZ Audio Documentaries

Released: July 15, 2016 / Label: Zappa Records / Catalog Number: ZR20020

All Master Recordings Produced By Frank Zappa

The Crux Of The Biscuit: Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers

1 Cosmik Debris

2 Uncle Remus (Mix Outtake)

3 Down In De Dew (Alternate Mix)

4 Apostrophe’ (Mix Outtake)

5 The Story Of “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow/St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast”

6 Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow/

St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast (Live)

7 Excentrifugal Forz (Mix Outtake)

8 Energy Frontier (Take 4)

9 Energy Frontier (Take 6 with Overdubs)

10 Energy Frontier (Bridge)

11 Cosmik Debris (Basic Tracks - Take 3)

12 Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow (Basic Tracks - Alternate Take)

13 Nanook Rubs It (Basic Tracks - Outtake)

14 Nanook Rubs It (Session Outtake)

15 Frank’s Last Words.....

new: Frank Zappa For President (CD)


Label: Zappa Records / release date: July 15, 2016

This album is comprised of unreleased compositions realized on the Synclavier, along with other relevant tracks mined from the Vault, with a political thread tying it all together.


1. Overture to “Uncle Sam”

2. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It (Remix)

3. Amnerika (Vocal Version)

4. “If I Was President…”

5. When the Lie’s So Big (Live)

6. Medieval Ensemble

7. America the Beautiful (Live)


infos @


Bald erhältlich: Z.E.R.O. – Tolerance (CD)

Auf dem Label Cordelia Records erscheint in Kürze das zweite Album der Formation Z.E.R.O.

Z.E.R.O. sind Kevin Crosby, Prairie Prince, Rupert Kettle, Ted Clifford, Juliana Brandon, Ike Willis, Rob Morgan, Rob Mitchell, Jimmy Thomas, John Greene, Mick Zeuner, Michael, Wansley, Matt Fox, Karen Luke Fildes, Fred Händl und Andrew Greenaway.


Außerdem wirkten auf dem Album als „The Jumping Flea Incantation Choir“ Kirsten Schmidt, Steffen Schindler, Juliana Brandon, Rob Morgan, Alli Bach, Mick Zeuner, Joey Kline, Pete Brunelli, Martin Taylor, Fred Händl, Coen Siersma, Andrew Greenaway und Baby Cheevers mit.


14 Titel tummeln sich auf dem Silberling und verbreiten in relaxten 50 Minuten Entspannung pur. Ich hatte das Glück, schon mal in die CD reinhören zu können und ich bin begeistert. Was diese Ansammlung von Musikern und Zappaenthusiasten da geschaffen hat, ist ein sehr ambitioniertes Werk, das man in seiner Gesamtheit sehen (hören!) sollte.

Beinahe wie auf der „Lather“ finden sich einige nette Soundcollagen. Diese aber nicht nur zwischen den Titeln (die überwiegend nahtlos ineinander übergehen), sondern auch urplötzlich irgendwo in den einzelnen Tracks eingebaut. Dabei bediente man sich auch einiger „Zitate“ fremder Bands. Dazu später mehr.


Den Opener macht „My Dog Has Fleas“. 49 Sekunden lang werden wir mit dieser Information beglückt, bis es zu der Frage übergeht „Who Needs The Brain Police“. Und da ist sie auch schon erstmals zu hören: Juliana Brandon mit ihrer wunderschönen Stimme, nur mal kurz unterbrochen von einem Bullen. Ohne Pause geht´s weiter nach „Montana“. Flotten Marschrhythmen und Marqueson´s (?) Chicken folgen schon bald beswingte Melodien. Ein kurzes Gitarrensolo macht Lust auf den Auftritt bei der Zappanale in diesem Jahr. Das könnte durchaus ausgebaut werden. Der Text kommt in Form eines Sprechgesangs daher.


Ohne Pause wird sich anschließend dem „Son Of Mr. Green Genes“ gewidmet, in memory of Chris Squire, der am Ende des Songs wohl wieder zum Leben erwacht, denn dieser Track endet mit ein paar Takten „Awaken“, einem der grandiosesten Titel von YES. Ob Fred Händl hier mit seinem Tastenkrams den Bläsersound beigesteuert hat? Klingt echt, klingt gut! Und diesmal wieder ein schönes Gitarrensolo.  Rumms, da knallt ne Tür und – als ob wir es je hätten vergessen können – 22 Sekunden Information: „My Dog Has Fleas pt.2“.


„Little House I Used To Live In“ folgt als Solo Piano Nummer (Ted Clifford). Nun folgt mein absoluter Lieblingstitel dieser CD. „Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance“ macht Hoffnung. Juliana spricht deutsch und die Textzeile „… denn es wird eine Zeit kommen, in der jeder seine Kleidung ausziehen darf, wenn er tanzt“ lässt uns doch wohl alle frohgemuts in die Zukunft blicken. Meeresrauschen im Hintergrund, an den Strand plätscherndes Wasser, fast schon provokant dahingegniedeltes Gitarrengeplänkel machen aus dieser Nummer etwas völlig Neues und passt wunderbar in den Gesamtkontext dieser CD: bloß kein Stress … alles schön ruhig und geschmeidig.

Nun groovt es nochmals in das „Little House“, in dem es auch mal ganz schön bluesig zugeht. Juliana gibt wieder alles. Einziges kleines Manko: nicht immer spielen / singen alle auf den Punkt. Jedenfalls gibt´s in dem Haus auch ein Telefon: Dem „Tommy, Can You Hear Me?“ folgt ein schmächtiges „See Me … Feel Me!“.


„King Kong“ wird darauf zur Vokalnummer (Ike Willis) und hat zur Abwechslung mal einige schräge Passagen, in denen es musikalisch drunter und drüber geht. Also zügig rein ins „Village Of The Sun“, in dem es sich mit hohem Wohlfühlfaktor leben lässt. Nach 50 Sekunden „Dilemma“, die erneut an „Lather“ denken lassen, lautet die Devise „Let´s Move To Cleveland“, das anfangs ziemlich flott nah ans Original kommt, dann mit einem recht ruhigen Gitarrensolo aufwartet und sich dann erneut stark am Original orientiert.


Im Stil der 60er Jahre schließt sich „Any Way The Wind Blows“ an und da, wo es hingehört, steht das „Sofa #2“, nämlich am Ende der CD, die selbstironisch am Ende dieses Stückes mit den Worten „Eddie are you kidding me?“ endet.


Selten habe ich so viel Spaß beim Hören der Musik des Meisters gehabt, wenn sie von einer Band interpretiert oder nachgespielt wurde. Z.E.R.O. gehören für mich ganz klar in die Kategorie The Z3 oder Sheik Yerbouti, bzw. den Bands, die aus den Sheiks entstanden sind. Logische Schlussfolgerung: uneingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung!

Berliner Festspiele 2016: Varese & Zappa

Sonntag, 18. September, 20:00 Uhr, Haus der Berliner Festspiele - 19:00 Uhr Einführung

Edgard Varese (1883-1965)

Ecuatorial für Bassstimme und Ensemble nach Texten aus dem Buch „Popul Vuh“ der Maya (1933/34)


Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

Revised Music for Low Budget Orchestra


Edgard Varese

Ionisation für 13 Schlagzeuger (1929-1931)


Frank Zappa

The Black Page – The Black Page #1 – The Black Page #2


Edgard Varese

Poème électronique für Tonband (1958)


Frank Zappa

RDNZL – Echidna’s Arf (Of You) – Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?