ZAPPA’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Set For 2021 Release

Several physical releases in two deluxe formats: a 3CD edition slated for February 19, 2021 and a 5LP box set planned for May 7, 2021, which will be available on 180-gram black vinyl as well as on limited-edition 180-gram smoke vinyl, exclusively via, uDiscover and Sound of Vinyl online stores.

The soundtrack features songs from Zappa’s record labels Straight and Bizarre Records such as “No Longer Umpire” from Alice Cooper’s debut album, Pretties For You, originally released on Straight in 1969; “The Captain’s Fat Theresa Shoes” by GTO’s, from the all-girl group’s one and only album, Permanent Damage, produced by Zappa. It also includes two classical compositions by Zappa’s lifetime inspirations Edgard Varese and Igor Stravinsky as well as several interview clips. The soundtrack is rounded out with 26 original score cues newly composed by John Frizzell for the documentary.


The soundtrack is a perfect complement to the film available as a limited edition 5-LP 180-gram smoke color vinyl set for the Zappa completist.

Showcasing 69 total songs, there are 12 previously unreleased recordings from the Zappa archive along with his 1978 Saturday Night Live performance; 24 additional Zappa songs from his extensive catalog spanning four decades; songs from Zappa’s labels Straight / Bizarre Records like “No Longer Umpire” by Alice Cooper and “The Captain’s Fat Theresa Shoes” by The GTO’s; 2 classical compositions by Edgard Varese and Igor Stravinsky; and 26 Original Score cues newly composed by John Frizzell for the documentary – all of which give the universe a sonic exploration into the musical brilliance of Frank Zappa.

Frank & Co, by Co de Kloet

Frank & Co, by Co de Kloet, contains 460 pages of unique material about Frank Zappa, based on over 25 hours of tape recorded between 1977 and 1990.

Co de Kloet and Frank Zappa were friends for many years. Co, a Zappa music expert, recorded nearly every conversation. The two men also corresponded frequently. This unique material, which has never been published before as a book, is now available. However, Frank & Co is more than a book about Zappa’s music. It also includes Co’s favorite memories of Frank as well as interviews about Zappa with, among others, Flo & Eddie, Jimmy Carl Black and Pamela Zarubica. - Foreword by Dweezil Zappa.

ZAPPA, A Magnolia Pictures Film

Die Ärzte: neues Album "Hell"

Bela B platziert seinen Gitarren-Helden Frank Zappa gleich in zwei Texten plus Gitarrensolo aus Zappas «Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station» als musikalisches Zitat in «Warum spricht niemand über Gitarristen?».

Percussion Under Construction

Startnext Crowdfunding: Albumproduktion "Locked Down?"

Wir planen die Produktion unseres ersten Albums mit dem Titel "Locked Down?", mit Stücken, die während des Corona-Lockdowns geschrieben worden sind, oder für uns einen anderen persönlichen Bezug hierzu haben. Neben Originalkompositionen und der geplanten Ersteinspielung von Tan Duns "Prayer and Blessing" nehmen wir unsere besondere Frank Zappa:"The Black Page"-Version featuring Christopher Garcia (Grandmothers of Invention) auf. Unterstützt uns auf

The Ed Palermo Big Band

"Fixing A Hole" from 'Great Un-American Songbook, v. 3: Run for Your Life'

Dweezil Zappa has paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen

He was a brilliant arranger, opening all our minds to the utilization of interstitial structures to lead us back to the massive hooks he composed. Read more @

Mike Keneally Interview

On Todays Episode of LET THERE BE TALK Guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist ,composer Mike Keneally stops in and talks about what it was like playing in Frank Zappa's Band on the very last Zappa Tour.Mike also tells a great story of how he auditioned for Frank Zappa.This is a Great Episode for all you music freaks.

Alex Winter Interview from NERTZ Podcast

Alex Winter is best known as Bill S. Preston, Esq., one of the title characters in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, and the upcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music. Coming back as Bill for a third time on the big screen is no doubt fun, but it’s pulled him away from his booming career as a documentary filmmaker. He directed the award-winning 2015 release Deep Web, as well as Showbiz Kids, which is currently playing on HBO. He’s finishing up the Frank Zappa documentary Zappa (also known as Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa?). Alex spoke with Mathew Klickstein for the NERTZ Podcast, a Heavy Metal partner. Enjoy

Interview With Scott Parker, Host Of The Official Frank Zappa Podcast

In honor of Halloween, we are delving into the history of these shows, and the recorded documents you can enjoy, with one of the world’s leading Zappaologists, Scott Parker. =>

In Favor of Eclecticism; or, an Ode to the Closets of the GTOs

Girls Together Outrageously were in close proximity with the most prominent creatives of their time, which granted them the label of a “group of groupies,” but they were a cosmic force all their own. =>

R.I.P. Mark Pinske

Musician, engineer and business executive Mark Pinske (Zappa´s sound engeneer for many years) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on Sept. 30, 2020. He was 70. => In Memoriam Mark Pinske (

Sex mit Frau Vogts!

Die 58. Jubiläumsausgabe der Zärtlichen Cousinen  mit Atze Schröder und Till Hoheneder ist im wahrsten Sinne ein wilder Ritt, denn Cousine Atze erzählt noch mal gut gelaunt die Geschichte vom Jockey Jakob, der eine gewisse Frau Vogts mit seinen Reitkünsten beglückt hat. Das die Cousinen mit dem FC Bayern Probleme haben ist bekannt, aber dafür ziehen sie ihren Hut vor den Toten Hosen! Des weiteren läßt sich Cousine Till endlich das Geheimnis entlocken, dass er noch einen Festnetzanschluss hat und am Ende sind sich die beiden Obercousinen einig: Frank Zappa ist ein Genie ( ab 1:02:50).

TV-Tipps arte

Freitag, 09.10. / 21:45 Uhr / Laurel Canyon (1/2)

Dokumentarfilm, USA, 2020, ARTE F 80 Min.


Freitag, 09.10. / 23:10 Uhr / Laurel Canyon (2/2)
Dokumentarfilm, USA, 2020, ARTE F 80 Min.


Laurel Canyon avancierte zur Hochburg der amerikanischen Rock- und Popbewegung, aber auch der Subkultur: Hier lebten musikalische Größen wie Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, The Mamas and the Papas, Frank Zappa und The Doors. Zu Wort kommen unter anderem Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, J. D. Souther, David Crosby, Peter Asher, Michelle Phillips und der Fotograf Henry Diltz, der die damalige Zeit in seinen Bildern dokumentierte.

Aynsley Dunbar Interview

John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and Jeff Beck in the 1960s. Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and Journey in the 1970s. Starship and Whitesnake in the ’80s. Any rock aficionado will recognize the legendary status of these artists. The connection between them? This drummer’s dynamic and adaptable drumming. With the new archival release The Mothers 1970 highlighting his work with a short-lived but historic Frank Zappa band, the time is right to reconnect with the great sticksman. =>

New: Brest 1979 - Volume 1 & 2 (Vinyl)

Brest 1979 - Volume 1

EAN: 0803343215465
PUBLISHED BY: Plastic Head, 09 Oct 2020
FORMAT: Vinyl / 12" Album

Brest 1979 - Volume 2

EAN: 0803343224450
PUBLISHED BY: Plastic Head, 09 Oct 2020
FORMAT: Vinyl / 12" Album

Largely recorded live during 1977 and 1978, Frank Zappa’s 1979 double, Sheik Yerbouti, was the first release on the musician’s newly formed Zappa Records, following Frank’s departure from Warner Bros Records. Featuring the Grammy nominated Dancin’ Fool, as well as the controversial Bobby Brown, a track banned from US airplay.

Released on March 3rd ’79 - at the time Zappa was touring Europe, where his audience had long outweighed his domestic fan-base - the album became his best-selling album of all during his lifetime. On March 19th, the band performed at the Parc de Penfeld, in Brest, France, for a show that was recorded for live FM Radio Broadcast, transmitted across continental Europe and synched too on many US stations.

Featuring a line-up which included, Ike Willis and Warren Cuccurullo on guitars, Tommy Mars and Peter Wolf on keyboards, Ed Mann on percussion, Arthur Barrow on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, the musicianship was, as always, second-to-none, and the gig a roaring success with many describing it as among the fines Zappa played during this era.

New: Under The Covers (Vinyl)

Among the most respected composers of the 20th Century, Frank Zappa was never away from a studio or a writing location for long. But while this extraordinary artist could compose in just about every style imaginable - from daft doo-wop pastiche to challenging modern classical – he was never averse to covering the tunes of others, whether they be tunes by Igor Stravinsky and Edgar Varese or Lennon & McCartney and Holland, Dozier Holland.

This collection features 23 cover versions, all recorded in concert during Frank Zappa’s career, sometimes in humorous adaption, sometimes not, but always, as was Zappa and his numerous bands’ way, with musical perfection.


Label: Parachute

Released: 06/11/20

Catalogue Number: PARA352LP

Zappacast - Episode #46

Scott Parker welcomes back Joe "Vaultmeister" Travers, and Zappacast producer Phil Surkis. Joe shares the real deal behind the recent Mothers 1970 box, and the imminent Halloween 1981 box. Deep cut: Joe shares about his ultimate FZ fanboy life as the drummer for The Zappa Band. 

Zappacast - Episode #45

As the US enters the most high stakes political season of modern times, ZappaCast takes a deep dive into Frank Zappa's political songs, as well as a listen to a few eerily prescient interviews. Host Scott Parker welcomes Ed Komara, and new ZappaCast producer, Phil Surkis, to the panel. So remember, register to vote, run for office, and listen to this podcast.

19.9.1985 - Frank Zappa spricht vor dem US-Senat

Ein Artikel zum Jubiläum bei

Frank Zappa - The Nordic Stories



Frank Zappa - The Nordic Stories is a documentary about Frank Zappa and The Mothers' concerts and visits to the Nordic countries. In order for this to be possible, Matti Laipio (Fin), Ole Lysgaard (Dk), Cege Berglund (Swe) and Erland Bekkelund (Nor) have drawn up a battle plan for how this can be done. 


Therefore, this has become a pioneering work made by Zappa enthusiasts to Zappa enthusiasts. Of course, we hope that the book will also reach those who were never allowed to be at any of the concerts. 


The book is therefore earmarked to give the younger crowd an introduction to these historic concerts. Absolutt media is the initiator and will be responsible for the production and the actual release ..


Frank Zappa - The Nordic Stories. Pre-order before 30 September. Have one of the 300 numbered copies sent before publication on 31 October. Everyone who pre-orders is included in the ARF-ARF list in the book.

Cal Schenkel´s Illustrations Of Frank Zappa…

… and The Story That Inspired ‘Calvin & His Hitch-Hikers’


To say Schenkel’s work for Zappa helped perpetuate the myth and madness of Frank Zappa would be an understatement. =>

Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter talk ‘Bill & Ted 3′, KISS, Dogstar and Frank Zappa

Bill & Ted Face the Music came out on Friday, which found Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves slipping back into their iconic roles for the first time in nearly 30 years. It's a terrifically entertaining film, funny and sweet.

Craig Parker Adams: Mixing Frank Zappa

Craig is the leading engineer for the Zappa Family Trust, which controls the regular releases of Frank Zappa material drawn from the vast, meticulous archive that Frank left behind when he died in 1993.

New: Your Mother Should Know (CD)

The Mothers continued touring in September, largely throughout Europe, during which Zappa played the famous Albert Hall in London for the first time - a venue at which he would later have a show cancelled for allegedly using obscene material. By November, the Mothers were back on home turf, playing on the East Coast and it was during this tenure that, on December 2 and 3 ’67 they played at The Fifth Dimension in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they performed one of their very finest shows of 1967.


  1. Big Leg Emma  [2:14]
  2. Improv  [19:39]
  3. America Drinks And Goes Home  [2:39]
  4. Hungry Freaks Daddy  [3:50]
  5. King Kong  [15:46]
  6. Status Back Baby  [1:37]
  7. Frank Zappa Interview [5:39]

New: Poughkeepsie Volume 1 & 2

Poughkeepsie Volume 1 (2LP)

SIDE A: The Deathless Horsie, Dancin’ Fool, Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me  

SIDE B: Easy Meat, Keep It Greasey, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, City Of Tiny Lights  

SIDE C: Pound For A Brown, Village Of The Sun, Bobby Brown  

SIDE D: Conehead, Mo’s Vacation, The Black Page, Is That Guy Kidding Or What?

Poughkeepsie Volume 2 (2LP)

SIDE A: I Have Been In You, Flakes, Magic Fingers, Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow  

SIDE B: Nanook Rubs It, St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast, Father O’Blivion, Rollo  

SIDE C: Little Houses I Used To Live In, Tell Me You Love Me  

SIDE D: Yo Mama, Black Napkins  

Halloween 81




Halloween 81: Live At The Palladium, New York City, recorded on October 31, 1981 (two shows) and November 1, 1981 (1 show), is the next of the iconic Frank Zappa Halloween boxset concerts.


The box consists of 6 CDs containing 3 complete concerts featuring all tracks newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes shocking fans with 78 unreleased live tracks. 


Fans will be treated to a Count Frankula mask along with a red & black cape as well. 


This king-size offering also showcases a 52-page booklet with photos including new liner notes by touring band member Robert Martin, Vaultmeister Joe Travers and fan-in-attendance Gary Titone.


tbr: 2020-10-02


DISC #1: 10/31/81 – early show


DISC #2: 10/31/81 – early show - cont’d


DISC #3: 10/31/81 – late show


DISC #4: 10/31/81 – late show 2 – cont’d


DISC #5: 11/01/81


DISC #6: 11/01/81 – cont’d

A 1-CD “highlights” disc titled Halloween 81: Highlights From The Palladium, New York City will also be released.  It offers performances from all three concerts plus an exclusive performance of “Strictly Genteel” from November 1 which is not included on the box set.  It’s not yet clear whether the track was excised from the box for timing or other reasons.  The standard jewel-case release has new liner notes by Joe Travers.

new: Frank Zappa - The Nordic Concerts

Frank Zappa - The Nordic Concerts is a documentary about Frank Zappa and The Mothers' concerts and visits to the Nordic countries. In order for this to be possible, 


  • Matti Laipio (Fin)
  • Ole Lysgaard (Dk)
  • Cege Berglund (Swe) and
  • Erland Bekkelund (Nor)


have drawn up a battle plan for how this can be done. Therefore, this has become a pioneering work made by Zappa enthusiasts to Zappa enthusiasts. Of course, we hope that the book will also reach those who were never allowed to be at any of the concerts. The book is therefore earmarked to give the younger crowd an introduction to these historic concerts. Absolutt media is the initiator and will be responsible for the production and the actual release. => preorder

Miss Mercy, Frank Zappa Muse and GTO Co-Founder, Dead at 71

Miss Mercy, the Frank Zappa muse and style icon who co-founded GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously), has died at age 71, according to a social media message that fellow GTO Pamela Des Barres posted Tuesday. No cause of death was given. read more @

Frank Zappa – Immer ein Freak

Kompletter Artikel der Juli-Ausgabe des Musikexpress zum Nachlesen.

Unsere Zappanale #30,5 in Winnweiler


Vier Tage Online-Zappanale in Winnweiler bei Robert mit Hot-Rats-Torte, Live-Painting,
zwei Monitoren und einer riesige Leinwand-projektion, Flammkuchen, Paella, Gegrilltem, Currywurst mit Pommes, Saumagen, Kaffee und Kuchen, Käseplatte, Snacks, ...



Wenn halt nur online, dann doch wenigstens gemütlich! Unter dieser Devise verbrachten wir gemeinsam ein paar wirklich schöne  Tage in der Pfalz.



Trotzdem vermissten wir die Besucher der Zappanale Exhibition, die vielen Gespräche und die Konzerte auf der kleinsten Zappanale-Bühne.



Vielen Dank für die vielen Rückmeldungen auf unseren Hot-Rats-Beitrag!

The Frank Zappa Vinyl-Bootleg Compendium

Avo posted the book on his site (The purpose of this site is to provide a little help to those that are looking for written material about Frank Zappa).

Persuasion Self Defense & Frank Zappa

In „The Manny Wolfe Show“ Adil Amarsi makes complex formulas and ideas so simple anyone can apply and use them in the life.


The Manny Wolfe Show: Manny Wolfe helps busy, successful Visionary Coaches and Authors, who want more credibility, impact, and income, but who are too busy to do it all themselves.

14.01.2021, 20:00 Uhr Stuttgarter Philharmoniker

MOZART Rondo A-Dur für Klavier und Orchester
FRANK ZAPPA G-Spot Tornado

FRANK ZAPPA The black page

MOZART Rondo D-Dur für Klavier und Orchester
ZAPPA Dupree’s Paradise
TRADITIONELL American Gospels
ZIMMERMANN Trompetenkonzert Nobody knows
de trouble I see
LED ZEPPELIN Stairway to Heaven
Obi Jenne Schlagzeug
Mini Schulz Bass
Simon Höfele Trompete
Leah Jones Gesang
Dirigent und Pianist Frank Dupree


Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle Beethoven-Saal
Berliner Platz 1
70174 Stuttgart

MOO-AH Festival 19-20 March 2021…

… with Muffin Men, Guranfoe, Burger & The Beast, Jimmy Carl Black Memorial Barbecue House Band, Orange Claw Hammer, Treacherous Cretins and Fred Händl! Tickets will go on sale shortly. Any profit made by the festival will go to ProstAid. In the event that the festival is cancelled due to Coronavirus, full refunds will be given.

Radio France les concerts - Ensemble Musikfabrik

Samedi 12 décembre 2020 18h00 Maison de la radio - Studio 104

Zappa octogénaire ? Certes, il nous a quittés en 1993, mais celui qui fut à la fois chanteur, guitariste, compositeur et cinéaste était né en 1940 à Baltimore. S’il est impossible de le cloîtrer dans un genre précis (la pop music ? le jazz ?), sauf peut-être la musique contemporaine au sens le plus large et le plus flou du terme, Frank Zappa a marqué bien des musiciens qu’il a connus, jusqu’à Pierre Boulez (trois titres de Zappa ont été enregistrés à l’Ircam en 1984). En contrepoint au programme donné par l’Orchestre Philharmonique le 11 décembre, ce concert, auquel participera Napoleon Murphy Brock, fait revivre la figure de l’un des pères de l’invention.

Moggio, The Black Page, Lemme Take You to the Beach, Revised Music for Low Budget Orchestra, RDNZL, Village of the Sun, Echidna’s Art (of You), Don’t You Ever Wash that Thing?, Florentine Pogen, Inca Roads

FRANK WINGOLD guitare électrique
CHRISTOPHER BRANDT basse électrique

DIRK ROTHBRUST percussion et direction

Radio France remercie ses spectateurs d'anticiper les contrôles de sécurité aux entrées en se présentant 45 minutes avant les concerts.

The Frank Zappa Vinyl-Bootleg Compendium

Nachdem es hier lange recht ruhig war, geht es nun endlich wieder weiter. Die Pause hatte einen guten Grund: In den letzten Monaten konzentrierte ich mich auf die Fertigstellung eines Buchs zum Thema Vinyl-Bootlegs. Nun liegt das Werk druckfrisch vor.


Nach Dieter Jakobs Buch aus dem Jahr 2007 war es m. E. höchste Zeit für ein aktualisiertes Werk zum Thema Frank Zappa Bootlegs auf Vinyl, da seitdem hunderte Bootlegs diverser, bis dahin nicht vorhandener Label auf den Markt kamen. Nach zwei Jahren Arbeit ist es nun so weit:


Das Buch hat 544 Seiten im Din á 4 Format und ist gedruckt auf hochwertigem 150g Bilderdruckpapier im HQ Vollfarbdruck. Das Cover hat einen Kunstledereinband, die Beschriftung setzt sich ab in einer Goldprägung. Aufgeführt und abgebildet sind ca. 900 Titel mit detaillierten Infos zu Label, Tracklists, Line-Ups, Spielorten, Erscheinungsjahr, Farbvarianten, Auflagen, Vieles ergänzt mit jeweils zeitrelevanten Interview-Auszügen und Presseartikeln.

Das Buch entstand mit Hilfe von Peter Müller und Robert Gsteu, die viele Bilder beisteuerten und mich bei den Korrekturen unterstützten. Dieter Jakob hat ebenfalls einige Bilder zur Verfügung gestellt, Robert Riedt half bei der Druckvorbereitung, den Druck selbst organisierte Matthias Wehrhahn, in dessen Verlag das Buch zum 25jährigen Jubiläum der Zappanale erschien.



  • Preface
  • Section 1: Bootlegs
  • Section 2: The Frank Zappa Kids Bootlegs (erstmals in einem Buch erwähnt)
  • Section 3: The Jazz Moderne, Jokerman and White Bear Bootlegs (erstmals in einem Buch erwähnt)
  • Section 4: 10”, Singles and EPs
  • Section 5: Counterfeits (erstmals so ausführlich in einem Buch erwähnt)
  • Section 6: Transcriptions and Liner Notes


Diese exklusive Auflage ist limitiert auf 100 Exemplare. Angeboten wird sie während der Öffnungszeiten und in den Räumen der Zappanale Exhibition 2020 mit einem 20%igen Preisvorteil zum späteren VK.

22.2.20, 20.00 Uhr Ensemble Modern - Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Frank Zappa - Auszüge aus Yellow Shark und Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions


  1. Dog / Meat - aus: The Yellow Shark (Arr. Ali N. Askin) (1992)
  2. Outrage at Valdez - aus: The Yellow Shark (1992)
  3. The Girl in the Magnesium Dress - aus: The Yellow Shark (1992)
  4. Ruth is Sleeping - aus: The Yellow Shark (Arr. Ali N. Askin) (1992)
  5. Get Whitey - aus: The Yellow Shark (1992)
  6. G-Spot-Tornado - aus: The Yellow Shark (Arr. Ali N. Askin) (1992)
  7. What will Rumi Do? - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions
  8. Night School - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (Transcript / Orch. Ali N. Askin)
  9. Revised Music for Low Budget Orchestra - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions
  10. The Beltway Bandits - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (Transcript/ Orch. Ali N. Askin)
  11. A Pig With Wings - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (Synclavier Transcription by Todd Yvega / Orch. Ali N. Askin)
  12. Put a Motor in Yourself - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (Transcript / Orch Ali N. Askin)
  13. Moggio - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (Orch. Ali N. Askin)
  14. Peaches En Regalia (Orch. Ali N. Askin)
  15. Moggio - aus: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (Orch. Ali N. Askin)
  16. G-Spot-Tornado - aus: The Yellow Shark (Arr. Ali N. Askin) (1992)


Dirigent: Jonathan Stockhammer

Ensemble Modern, Norbert Ommer (Klangregie)

  • mehr Bilder rund um dieses Konzert findet ihr auf Steffens Seite Parachute Mind.
  • einen Mitschnitt gibt´s natürlich auch: zu finden bei den Zappateers.

Hommage an Jimmy Carl Black − 10 years gone

Eine Sondersendung auf vom Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2018

Live via Skype - Moni Black / Musikzusammenstellung: Burkhard Schempp



Geronimo Black: Low Ridin' Man (Geronimo Black, 1972)

Zappa/Mothers/Beefheart: You're So Fine (1975 05 23 - El Paso TX, 1975)

Big Sonny And The Lo Boys: I'm A King Bee (In Heat, 1979)

Geronimo Black: Lovesick Blues (Welcome Back, 1980)

JCB: Ain't Got No Home (Clearly Classic, 1981)

JCB & The Mannish Boys: Big Leg Emma (A Lil' Dab'l Do Ya, 1987)

Arthur Brown & JCB: Fever (Brown Black & Blue, 1988)

Holzhaus, Black & Teresas: The T-Bone Shuffle (I Just Got In From Texas, 1988)

Ant Bee: JCB Speakin' At Ya (With My Favorite Vegetable And Other Bizarre Muzik, 1994)

Sandro Oliva: Junk Food / Mr. Green Genes (Who The Fuck Is Sandro Oliva? 1994)

The Jack And Jim Show: Big Boss Man (Locked In A Dutch Coffeshop, 1995)

The Jack And Jim Show: Sure 'Nuff And Yes I Do (Pachuco Cadaver, 1995)

JCB and Behind The Mirror: Jazz Is Not Dead (Cockroach Albert, 1998)

Farrell and Black: Stick Man (Black Limousine, 1999)

JCB and Behind The Mirror: Harder Than Your Husband (An Evening with... 2000)

Black-Estrada-Pini: 44 Blues / How Many More Years? (Hamburger Midnight, 2002)

Blind Riders On Mad Horses feat. JCB: Volunteered Slavery (Roland Kirk Memorial Barbecue, 2002)

JCB: Mercedes Benz (Singin' The Blues, 2003)

The Jack And Jim Show: Willie The Pimp (Live at Zappanale #14, 2003)

JCB & Cosmic Debris: Directly From My Heart To You (2004)

JCB: Like A Rolling Stone (How Blue Can You Get, 2007)

Compositions by Frank Zappa

Heikki Poroila: „You are reading an enhanced (corrected, enlarged and more detailed) PDF edition in English of my printed book Frank Zappan sävellykset (Suomen musiikkikirjastoyhdistys 2015, in Finnish).


I try to explain shortly the reasoning behind this yet-another-Frank-Zappa-monograph. The idea of listing all the compositions by Frank Zappa is an obsessive project typical for music librarians. It was matured during the years I was forced to tell many Finnish Zappa fans that the book Zappa äänitteillä [Recorded Zappa, 1995] by me and HEIKKI KARJALAINEN was out of print and in no circumstances was I willing to compile a new edition of its material.“


You can read and download it for free.

An analysis of the evolution of Frank Zappa’s BE-BOP TANGO