Boomtown Jazz Quartet plays Blessed Relief

Dweezil’s 12th annual tour is called “Choice Cuts!”…

… and he has curated an all-new show filled with some of Frank Zappa’s boldest compositions, or as Dweezil says, “A collection of the meatiest tracks,” with which he plans to satiate the appetite of Zappa fans, old and new.
With blistering instrumental compositions spanning as many decades as time signatures, Zappa and his band will whip up doo-wop and dada accented with funk and blues, then scramble back and forth through late 60’s, and mid-70’s fan favorites. They will also pulsate forward into the vortex of Frank Zappa’s classical oeuvre, for what Dweezil describes as a “protein enriched program designed to create new awareness of the depth and variety of my dad's music."

High Times December 1989

Ronaldo aus Syrien – Premiere am Theaterhaus Jena

An Prominenz mangelt es nicht im neuen Stück der Jugendgruppe „Teenpark“ am Theaterhaus Jena. Da tummeln sich der erfolgreiche Fußball-Weltstar Ronaldo genauso wie der Skispringer, Eddy The Eagle, der auf Grund seiner nicht mehr zu überbietenden Erfolglosigkeit ebenso ein Star wurde. Aber auch zwei Rockstars von einst finden sich auf der Bühne ein – der Sänger und Gitarrist Frank Zappa, der immerhin über 100 Musikalben veröffentlichte, sowie die zwar auch erfolgreiche Sängerin Amy Winehouse, die aber früh scheiterte und mit 27 Jahren verstarb. => mehr bei

50 Jahre “We’re Only In It For The Money” von Frank Zappa

Mit seinen Kinnhaken, die er in alle Richtungen verteilt, rechnet Zappa mit Heuchelei, mit vorgegeben-vorgetäuschter Idylle, mit restriktiven Systemen und mit der überhöhten und mystifizierten Rolle des Musikers ab. Das Album ist Parodie und sarkastisch bis zynische Abrechnung mit Hippies, Konservativen, 0815-Fans und anderen Bands – wie den Beatles. => mehr bei

Zappa Weekend

Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris 221, avenue Jean-Jaurès, 75019 Paris

The weekend offers a portrait in two albums (The Perfect Stranger, The Yellow Shark) and an off-the-wall oratorio (200 Motels).

September 29 2018, 11:00


Le Grand Wazoo
Edgar Varèse / Frank Zappa


Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher
Clément Lebrun

Frank Zappa, «The Grand Wazoo», s’est amusé de tout. Musicien ouvert à une très grande variété de styles, il fut l’admirateur de nombreux compositeurs du XXe siècle. Ce concert est conçu comme une expédition dans sa tête kaléidoscopique, entre esprit de satire, doo-wop et musique contemporaine.

September 29 2018, 20:30

Yellow Shark


FZ - The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat (aka Dog/Meat)

Edgar Varèse - Intégrales

FZ - Naval Aviation in Art?

John Zorn - For Your Eyes Only

FZ - Dupree's Paradise, Get Whitey, G-Spot Tornado, The Perfect Stranger

Bernhard Gander - Take Death, pour ensemble et DJ, création française


Ensemble intercontemporain

Matthias Pintscher

Patrick Pulsinger

September 30 2018, 16:30


200 Motels - The Suites


Frank Zappa

Léo Warynski

Antoine Gindt


Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, Les Métaboles, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, The Headshakers, Léo Warynski, Lionel Peintre, Dominic Gould, Zachary Wilder, Nicholas Scott, Mélanie Boisvert, Nicholas Isherwood, Aliénor Feix, Marina Ruiz, Antoine Gindt, Philippe Béziat

The Story of ‘Run Home, Slow’

The obscure (and weird) low-budget western scored by Frank Zappa

Run Home, Slow was released in 1965. The film concerns the Hagens, a strange family out to avenge their father’s murder. The powerful Judd Hagen was hanged by locals, who viewed him as a vicious man who thought he was God. They also thought he was crazy, a trait he seems to have passed on to his children ... => read more @

50 Jahre Studentenrevolte 1968 / Sound der Revolte

Auf den Essener Songtagen im September ’68 trafen Tangerine Dream auf die Mothers of Invention. Ihr Kopf Frank Zappa gehörte zu den wenigen, die Musik mit politischen Botschaften verknüpfen konnten, ohne dabei dämlich und aufgeblasen zu wirken. => mehr bei

The Muffin Men Tour Dates & Tickets

Frank Zappa, American Composer:

Inter-Idiomatic Interests and the Pursuit of Individuality in Art

Luke Sandbank: MUS328: A History of Rhythm: Finding the Beat in European Music from 1000 to 2000 CE

Record Store Day 2018

LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- UMe is pleased to announce details for several exclusive, limited edition vinyl releases confirmed for Record Store Day 2018. With special releases from Bobbie Gentry, Chet Faker, David Bowie, Def Leppard, Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, Frank Zappa, Gloria Gaynor, Marvin Gaye, Soundgarden, Sublime, The Police, The Who and more, UMe's slate for April's hotly-anticipated music shopping bonanza is filled with an eclectic and exciting mix that includes re-pressings of classic albums and singles, as well as several U.S. vinyl release debuts. All the special releases will be available at Record Store Day-participating record stores on Saturday, April 21.




Lumpy Gravy: Primordial contains Frank Zappa's first orchestral-only edit of the music sessions recorded at Capitol Studios during 1967. This self-described "ballet" was never officially issued until 2008 on the posthumous collection Lumpy Money. it makes its debut on limited edition 12" 45 rpm mono translucent burgundy colored vinyl, mastered from the original 1967 1/4" mono master tape, with FZ's original gatefold album design lovingly restored.


Side A: "Lumpy Gravy"
Side B: "Primordial"

The Unique Challenge of Interviewing Frank Zappa by Steve Rosen

“I was on the other end of some of those mean-spirited dialogs and they still make me shiver to this day. He was a master of sarcasm and it ran in his veins. That became his weapon—both in conversation and composition—and more than once I would be battered by it.” Read more @

Go Ape! The Legendary Stockholm Broadcast

"Americans are ugly. This music is designed for them," proclaimed Frank Zappa during the Mothers of Invention's first ever European show, their landmark concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.


Yet although Zappa's work may have been designed as a critique of his homeland, he would discover that the Mothers output found its most loyal audience on distant shores.


That legendary performance occurred on September 23rd, 1967, and seven days later the band were playing to another packed crowd at The Stockholm Concert Hall. This momentous event, broadcast nationally, is presented in its entirety and in superb quality on Go Ape!


By the time of the performance Zappa and the first incarnation of the Mothers were at the height of their powers. Their extended residency at New York s Garrick Theatre between April and September, 1967, had given the band a chance to experiment with both their musical repertoire and their unpredictable onstage antics. This combination of off-the-wall experimentation and musical dexterity is captured perfectly in the Stockholm performance. With a set-list that includes cover versions of rock and pop standards alongside snippets of Stravinsky and Tchaikovksy, the Mothers run through inimitable versions of Freak Out's You Didn t Try to Call Me and It Can t Happen Here and their classic B-Side Big Leg Emma.


The centre-piece of the concert is a remarkable rendition of King Kong. The live rendition presented here is a unique 18 minute phenomenon, its first section highlighting the remarkable interplay between Bunk Gardener on clarinet, Ian Underwood on alto sax and Don Preston on keyboards, and its second section a Zappa-conducted explosion of improvised sound.

The Big Note: A Guide to the Recordings of Frank Zappa


THE BIG NOTE is the complete guide to the music of Frank Zappa—100 albums recorded over 35 years, the 80+ players on them, each one of 1,772 tracks described in detail, backed up by 1,424 citations.


Based on hundreds of interviews, letters, and e-mail correspondences with scores of musicians, singers, engineers, artists, copyists, and others who worked with Zappa, THE BIG NOTE provides the liner notes that every album in the protean and prolific composer's oeuvre cries out for.


It is the indispensible resource for any Zappa fan or scholar.



  • by Charles Ulrich
  • New Star Books
  • 736 pages
  • 2018-05-13

ZappaCast Episode 36 (The Roxy Performances)

Look who’s talking again! It’s none other than the Vaultmeister, Joe Travers! Joe took some time off from his job pounding them pagan skins for Joe Satriani to chat about the fantastic new box set, THE ROXY PERFORMANCES! The box features all of the shows Frank Zappa and his Mothers performed for film cameras and some lucky fans at the Roxt in scenic downtown Hollywood in December of 1973 PLUS lots of bonus material – soundchecks, rehearsals and the Bolic Sound Studios session! A truly fabulous optional entertainment experience awaits you – pick it up at and lots of other places besides!


The musical selections heard in this episode are (all from THE ROXY PERFORMANCES):


“I’m The Slime” (December 9th Show 2)
“Montana” (December 10th Show 1)
“Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?” (December 10th Show 2)
“Inca Roads” (December 9th Show 2)
“Village Of The Sun” (December 10th Show 2)
“Dupree’s Paradise” (December 10th Show 1)
“That Arrogant Dick Nixon” (December 10th Rehearsal)
“RDNZL” (December 10th Show 2)
“Kung Fu” (Bolic Sound Studios December 12th)
“Dickie’s Such An Asshole” (December 10th Show 1)

Pauline Butcher and Frank Zappa @ Podcast

This week we take you all the way back to the 1960’s to a log cabin nestled in Laurel Canyon. Chanty tells Lynx the story of Pauline Butcher, Frank Zappa’s secretary. This episode is based on her book: FREAK OUT! My life with Frank Zappa.

So how did a secretary from England come to work for, befriend and even live with Frank Zappa, his wife Gail and all of the “freaks” in Laurel Canyon? Who is Suzy Creamcheese? What was it like living in a log cabin where anyone including Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, Captain Beefheart, Graham Nash or Joni Mitchell might walk through the door on any given day?

To our squealing delight, we learn that Pauline became close with our beloved GTOs (The Girls Together Outrageously), documenting their formation, beginning and wacky time together. We remind our listeners where the word “Groupie” came from and go back to a time when Hollywood was a trusting community and you just never knew who might stop by or what might happen.

Other notable characters we chat about this week is (of course) our amazing Pamela Des Barres (the most “professional” of the girls), Cynthia Plaster Caster, Miss Mercy, Christine (the Zappa’s babysitter), Tiny Tim and like always- Eric Clapton. Take a break from the cold February winter and join us in warm Laurel Canyon, it sure is a trip!

Three Card Trick (3Dvd)


FRANK ZAPPA & MOI IN THE 1960s Critical review of the Mothers early output, focusing on the band's musical work in the 1960s. The film features contributions from a number of band members plus LA wild man Kim Fowley, biographer Billy James, Zappa academic Ben Watson, music journalist Richie Unterberger, and many others. Also includes a wealth of archive footage and interviews with Zappa himself and rare live performances.


FRANK ZAPPA - The FREAK LOUT LIST Documentary exploring the musical roots of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's Freak Out! album, tracing Zappa's favourite musicians as listed on the album's liner notes. Based around archive film, performance footage, interviews with Frank and those close him, and analysis by esteemed experts, the film looks at the rich and varied musical lineage that influenced Zappa's recordings.


FROM STRAIGHT TO BIZARRE ZAPPA, BEEFHEART, ALICE COOPER AND LA s LUNATIC FRINGE Desperate to remove himself from his original deal with Verve Records, in 1968 Frank Zappa set up the Bizarre and Straight labels in league with manger Herb Cohen. So began a string of releases which remain extraordinary in the extreme. This film tells the extraordinary story of these labels emergence, history and ultimate downfall.

Live...San Francisco

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention, live at the Fillmore West, San Francisco on November 6th 1970. In late 1970 Frank Zappa resumed touring with a reformed Mothers, including former Turtles Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, and a stage show involving provocative comedy routines alongside typically complex music. Originally broadcast on KSAN-FM, this superb show performed at the Fillmore West, San Francisco on 6th November 1970, features material from the forthcoming 200 Motels, older songs, jazz fusion, touches of Zappa s beloved doo-wop, and much more. With plenty of ingenious musical flourishes, and rabble-rousing audience interactions, this historic gig is a must for Zappa fans. It’s presented here together with background notes and images.


Label: Keyhole (Soulfood), release date: 2018-03-16

01 Intro And Chat > Improvisation
02 Have Gun Will Travel
03 Call Any Vegetable
04 The Sanzini Brothers
05 The Penis Dimension
06 The Sanzini Brothers (reprise) > Chat And Tuning
07 Jam
08 The Penis Dimension (reprise)
09 Mudshark (with Dr. John Parody)
10 Holiday In Berlin
11 Cruising For Burgers
12 Easy Meat
13 San Francisco Bullshit
14 Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
15 Do You Like My New Car?
16 Happy Together
17 Who Are The Brain Police?

The Bizarre World Of The Hologram Tour

It has just come to my attention the advertisement circulating for the proposed Frank Zappa Hologram Tour States my name as a guest. As I have not consented, this disclaims any involvement whatsoever. Thank you.

Vinnie Colaiuta.

“The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” Hologram Tour Band Lineup


Live music’s premier hologram production company Eyellusion, today announced that a who’s who of Zappa fan favorite musicians will support “The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” hologram tour set to hit music venues in late 2018.


read more @

PROJECT/OBJECT on tour again

As always we give THANKS and pay tribute to the enormous body of work left by Frank Zappa.

Just a soft announce here....PROJECT/OBJECT will hit the road in April and May of this year.


Damn...sorry west coast peeps... try as we might we can only find a three week window, not enough time to get out that way. I promise we are trying to find a creative way to get out to see you again . It's way, way WAY overdue...! These dates will be in the Northeast/Rustbelt USA, out to the Great Lakes area.


SPECIAL GUESTS: on this one we bring back some old friends and touring partners. A special reunion for them also; as they toured together with Zappa in the mid 70s. None other than the legendary vocalist/saxophonist NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK, and master slide guitarist DENNY WALLEY.


This unique combination of two of Zappa's most beloved Alumni, who just happen to be old friends, is not be missed. Both gentlemen are old touring pals and guests of Project/Object going back to at least 2000, but they have never toured together with P/O. Zappa History Here, Again! => Tourdates

He was a notoriously difficult man

Don Connolly still remembers his worst interview of all time: Frank Zappa.

Only In It For The Money!

Whitebank Fine Art published and exhibited Robert Davidson's work.

3. Extrakonzert Con spirito: Freak out! - Tribute to FRANK ZAPPA

So. 13.05.2018, 18 Uhr, Kieler Schloss, Konzertsaal

Daniel Carlberg, Dirigent, Veranstalter: Theater Kiel AöR

Frank Zappa’s 1982 European tour

was anything but conventional. Shows were booked in unusual venues with odd stage configurations that, on at least one occasion, contributed to violence breaking out... read more @

Have A Little Tush (2Cd)

By early 1974 Frank Zappa was touring with a smaller band of musicians, albeit one still going under The Mothers Of Invention moniker. This ensemble variously included Ian Underwood (reeds, keyboards), Ruth Underwood (vibes, marimba), Sal Marquez (trumpet, vocals), Napoleon Murphy Brock (sax, flute and vocals), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Tom Fowler (bass), Chester Thompson (drums), Ralph Humphrey (drums), George Duke (keyboards, vocals), and Jean-Luc Ponty (violin), the majority of whom also appeared on Zappa s two albums released that year: March s solo LP Apostrophe, and September s Roxy And Elsewhere (largely recorded live at the end of 73).


In the latter months of the 1974, he was out again, but now just with Murphy-Brock, Duke, Thompson and Ruth Underwood for reasons unknown husband Ian was not onboard. It was this line-up who performed with Frank at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI on 23rd November, a show which was recorded for live FM Broadcast, albeit only by the University s own radio station, making reception of the gig fairly limited in its geographical scope. This show is now available on this double CD set, a recording rarely heard before and one that Zappa fans will certainly wish to add to their collections.


Released:  19th January 2018

Live In Barcelona 1988 (2CD)

Frank Zappa’s 1988 tour turned out to be his last. Many fans consider it to be FZ's best tour ever; the presence of horns, percussion and "stunt guitar" (not to mention the infamous Synclavier) gave the band a tumbrel variety lacking in the synth-dominated '84 tour, and the proliferation of “secret words” made each show unique.


Unfortunately, the tour proved to be a turbulent experience for Zappa due to conflicts among the band members, and this ultimately cut short the existence of this lineup.

One of the finest shows on the tour however took place at Barcelona’s Palau Dels Esports on 17th May. This performance is now available here on CD for the first time, featuring a line-up which featured Frank Zappa (lead guitar/Synclavier/vocals), Ike Willis (rhythm guitar/vocals), Mike Keneally (stunt guitar/keyboards/vocals), Robert Martin (keyboards/Synclavier/vocals), Ed Mann percussion/Synclavier/vocals), Scott Thunes (bass/mini-moog), Chad Wackerman (drums/electronic percussion), Walt Fowler (trumpet/flugelhorn/Synclavier), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Paul Carman (alto/soprano sax), Albert Wing (tenor sax) and Kurt McGettrick (baritone sax).


Released: 9th February 2018

Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressings

Over-Nite Sensation

180 gram reissue mastered directly from the original 1973 analog stereo Master Tapes.


Frank Zappa’s highest-charting album, Apostrophe (') includes Zappa classics such as “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” (his first charted single) and “Cosmik Debris.”

Hot Rats

The album, recorded on a prototype 16-track recorder, sounds as fresh & sonically superior on this 180 gram audiophile edition as it did when first released in 1969.

Vinyl weight (grams): 180, Limited edition of: 750 (Hot Rats), 500 (Apostrophe (') and Over-Nite Sensation)

Release Date: 01/19/2018, more infos @ Newbury Comics

Live in November 1973 - 180 Gr. LP


Seite 1:

Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up

The Story Of Dupree's Paradise

Be-Bop Tango Part One


Seite 2:

De-Bop Tango Part Two

Guitar Event



17. November 2017

Label: DOL

Compositions by Frank Zappa

Heikki Poroila: „You are reading an enhanced (corrected, enlarged and more detailed) PDF edition in English of my printed book Frank Zappan sävellykset (Suomen musiikkikirjastoyhdistys 2015, in Finnish).


I try to explain shortly the reasoning behind this yet-another-Frank-Zappa-monograph. The idea of listing all the compositions by Frank Zappa is an obsessive project typical for music librarians. It was matured during the years I was forced to tell many Finnish Zappa fans that the book Zappa äänitteillä [Recorded Zappa, 1995] by me and HEIKKI KARJALAINEN was out of print and in no circumstances was I willing to compile a new edition of its material.“


You can read and download it for free.

GrandMothers of Invention live in Lörrach

Die Band besteht aus Bunk Gardner (Mothers of Invention von 1966 bis 1969, Saxophon), Don Preston, der ab 1966 der Ur-Keyboarder der Mothers wurde, Ed Mann (ab 1977 Perkussionist und Sound-Designer der Mothers) und Schlagzeuger Christopher Garcia.


Karten für das Konzert der GrandMothers of Invention am 2. Mai 2018 im Burghof, Lörrach sind ab sofort erhältlich beim BZ-Kartenservice ( oder Tel. 0761/4968888) und bei allen BZ-Geschäftsstellen. (Badischer Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Lörracher Str. 3, 79115 Freiburg).

Extrakonzert - Tribute to Frank Zappa

So. 13.05.2018, 18:00 Uhr, Konzertsaal Kieler Schloss

Freak out! - Tribute to FRANK ZAPPA

Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel, Daniel Carlberg, Dirigent

Kartenpreise: 13,19 €  41,25 €

Luckyman Concerts veranstalten Konzert mit den Grandsheiks

"Lange haben wir überlegt und diskutiert, vor drei Jahren schon einmal Kontakt aufgenommen, wieder verworfen und jetzt doch getraut. Wir veranstalten ein Konzert mit der genialen Musik von Frank Zappa. Für viele Musiker nicht vorstellbar, dass man diese unglaublich vielseitige und vielschichtige Musik – von Rock über Jazz, Blues, Kitsch, Pop, E-Musik und Avantgarde, an einem Abend auf die Bühne bringen kann. Aber es gibt eine Band – Grandsheiks – mit Namen. Und sie spielen so gut, dass sogar einige Ex-Zappa Musiker bei Konzerten mitwirkten – fast schon ein Ritterschlag für die Band. Am 28. April ist es so weit – wir zählen auf euch."


28.04.2018, Altes Sudhaus, Gasthaus Zum Bräu
Bräustraße 3, 84518 Garching - Wald/Alz

Wolfram Klug: L.A. Bang Bang (CD)

Another album with ex-members of Frank Zappa's band

"Burt, the Nerd" was a 1st successful album. Now comes part 2 - "L.A. Bang Bang" - it will be even better. Better music, better production, better organisation and involvement of same artists even more people joining.


Currently this artists confirmed their participation:

Ike Willis: Vocals and Guitar * 

Arthur Barrow: Sound Engineer and Studio Owner * 

Robert Martin: Vocals, Sax, Flugelhorn *

Michael Barsimanto: Drums


Help us to make the max out on what we can do - help us pay for the time we need @

An analysis of the evolution of Frank Zappa’s BE-BOP TANGO